My Unpopular Opinion: My Thoughts On That Gillette Ad
My Unpopular Opinion: My Thoughts On That Gillette Ad youtube stories

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Shave THIS!

My Unpopular Opinion: My Thoughts On That Gillette Ad

by tbanarchy

So razor company Gillette decided for their new ad campaign they would put out a "woke" video lambasting so-called "toxic masculinity".

Oh boy!

The ad included, among other "woke" things, a clip from the "popular" YouTube channel The Young Turks-which, like "woke" Seth MacFarlane, talks A LOT about pornography-and a guy "catcalling" a woman.


Seriously, who WAS the "woke" marketing genius who told them that the BEST way to sell more razors was to put out a video "insulting" their core audience?

And have they seen the "woke" guys they're trying to pander to? They DON'T shave! (Or they can't grow a beard with all that damn soy they drink!)

Could you imagine if Snickers put out an ad calling their customers a bunch of fat, lazy bastards and encouraged them to eat healthier?

Or, better yet, how about if Tampax put out a video chastising "nagging" women and suggested they don't act like they're on the rag all the time?

Of course, Gillette isn't the first company to go "woke" and face the consequences. Burger King, for instance, put out a couple of "woke" videos in 2018-one endorsing the "repeal" of the so-called "pink tax"-and, as a result, BK saw a noticeable decline in sales.

Want another example? Disney confirmed sales of both Star Wars merch and Marvel comics dropped in 2018. MC sales dropping are likely due to things like changing Captain America into a "Nazi" and turning Thor into a "feminist" female.

As for Star Wars, fans might be "upset" due to Disney turning Luke into a coward, Han into a deadbeat dad, Leia into a bad leader AND Lando into a robot fucker (because, you know, nights can get REALLY lonely on Bespin!).

And does anyone remember that disaster-of-an-ad Pepsi put out a couple of years ago proclaiming its "wokeness" that starred that Kendall Jenner that even the PCers hated?

As for Gillette, if the overwhelmingly negative response to their "woke" ad is ANY indication (check out the "reaction" on the ad's YouTube video), well, let's just say the company will end up with some VERY unhappy shareholders, if you know what I mean!

Unlike others, I'm NOT calling for a total boycott of Gillette razors as I feel boycotts are generally useless and people can decide for themselves what and/or what NOT to spend their money on regardless of how I myself feel.

Though I will say, speaking for myself, Gillette-like Star Wars and Marvel comics-will NOT be getting my business anytime soon. As I posted before about SW, if you don't appreciate my business you damn sure are not getting MY business.

And, like those "associated" with Star Wars calling ME "racist" & "sexist" for daring to say The Last Jedi SUCKED, I'm damn sure NOT giving my cash to a company who says I'm a "toxic" man.

"Men Suck. Buy Our Razors!" Yeah, Gillette, good luck with THAT ad campaign! It's like the saying goes:


BTW, I don't usually buy Gillette's overpriced razors anyway (unless I can get them cheaper in a package). I usually buy the Wal-Mart or Dollar General store brands that I can buy for a package of five for a buck apiece that are about as good as the name brand ones like Gillette.

So not only am I "toxic" but I'm cheap as well! And I'm damn proud of it!

Now, if you'll excuse me, this "toxic" dude is gonna watch a Steven Seagal flick and spank it to some Asa Akira videos on Pornhub (like, of course, "woke" Seth MacFarlane!).

And that's the best THIS man can get! So suck it, Gillette!

Besides, what the politically correct hell does ANY of this "woke" BS have to do with a guy shaving his fucking face? Just asking, Gillette!

And, talking about the so-called "pink tax", it turns out Gillette charges MORE for its "lady" razors-which are, of course, PINK-than it does its male razors.

Man, talk about showing your ass, amirite, Gillette!

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