My Unpopular Opinion: My Thoughts On Jussie Smollett
My Unpopular Opinion: My Thoughts On Jussie Smollett liar stories

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by tbanarchy By now most everyone has undoubtedly heard of the case involving actor Jussie Smollett who claimed he was assaulted by a couple of Trump hat-wearing men who, among other things,

My Unpopular Opinion: My Thoughts On Jussie Smollett

by tbanarchy

By now most everyone has undoubtedly heard of the case involving actor Jussie Smollett who claimed he was assaulted by a couple of Trump hat-wearing men who, according to Jussie, were brandishing bleach and a rope.

It turns out the MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters were in reality bodybuilding brothers from Nigeria whom Jussie (allegedly) paid a few thousand bucks to to help him "fabricate" said "attack" . . . WITH A CHECK!

Even though Jussie's story had MORE holes in it than the plot to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the PCers and their "allies" in the media STILL lined up to kiss his ass.

For instance, there was that cringe-worthy interview by GMA's Robin Roberts where she called Jussie's obviously BS story, and I quote, "beautiful".

And, needless to say, the PCers AND their "allies" in the media decried ANYONE who dared question Jussie's obviously BS story as being . . . well, you know.

Now these very same PCers and/or their media "allies" are backtracking and/or defending THEMSELVES for "believing" his story and/or attacking his "non-believers" as being . . . well, again, YOU know.

What gets to me about this is that in Chicago-where Jussie lives and claimed to have been "attacked"-there are hundreds of thousands of murders that received barely a mention by ANY of the PCers and/or media members who lept to Jussie's "defense".

For instance, two-year-old Lavontay White Jr. was shot dead on Valentine’s Day in 2017 along with his uncle Lazaric Collins in a gang attack. Police said Collins was the intended target.

I myself thought Jussie's story was BS from the very start since we've, of course, heard of these fabricated "attacks" by Trump supporters-of which I'm NOT one, BTW-before.

For instance, an 18-year-old Muslim girl named Yasmin Seweid claimed three drunk Trump supporters confronted her on a train on December of 2016, called her a "terrorist" and tried to rip off her hijab.

Ironically, after she admitted she LIED to police about said "attack", her parents then ATTACKED her by shaving her head. And, of course, the same PCers who had previously "defended" her when they thought Trump supporters had attacked her said NOTHING.

Which really ISN'T surprising considering how the PCers AND the "unbiased" media routinely practice a "selective outrage" when it comes to assaults on POC.

For instance, in 2011, the brother of Muslim actress Afshan Azad-who was one of the few "non-white" actors in the Harry Potter films-was sentenced to six months in jail for assaulting his sister for THREE HOURS for dating a non-Muslim man.

And, once again, the PCers said NOTHING about Azad's horrid assault, and that includes usually "woke" Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling who's, of course, usually NOT shy about sharing her "woke" opinions on sites like-where else!-Twitter.

But, then again, if Azad's brother had been wearing a Trump hat while he was beating the hell out of his sister for THREE HOURS maybe J.K. and her fellow "woke" PCers would have been "outraged" about her assault THEN.

As of this writing, Jussie Smollett is being investigated not only by Chicago police but by the FBI as well to see if he "faked" a "hate letter" Jussie claimed he received before his obviously BS "attack".

If it turns out that Mr. Smollett DID in fact fabricate his assault and/or his "hate letter" (which I feel he obviously DID), then I sincerely hope he gets his lying sorry ass nailed to the wall.

Instead, what will likely happen is that Jussie will plead "guilty" to some "lesser" offense to escape any jail time and instead be placed on "probation".

Then, of course, he'll go on some half-assed "apology" tour to try to salvage his career. Maybe he'll do another cringe-worthy interview with Robin Roberts on GMA where she'll again call his obviously BS story, and I quote, "beautiful".

What really gets to me about this whole pathetic story is that someone could have gotten ARRESTED for this.

If THAT had happened, that person would have no doubt became public enemy #1 and would have had their lives all but destroyed by the PCers AND their pathetic "allies" in the media even though they would have, of course, been INNOCENT.

But, then again, that's NEVER stopped these bastards before. I mean, just look at what THEY did to that Covington boy and all HE did was stand and smirk at some old Indian guy-who turned out to be a LIAR himself-who was shoving a drum in his face.

Which is undoubtedly WHY said Covington boy and his family is suing the shit out of the Washington Post, among others, for MILLIONS of dollars. (Give the PC bastards hell, kid!)

One GOOD thing that's come out of Jussie Smollett's bullshit story is that it made the PCers AND their "allies" in the media look like IDIOTS. (Which, of course, is NOT a hard thing to do!)

In the immortal words of Robin "Woke" Roberts, BEAUTIFUL!

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