My Unpopular Opinion: My Thoughts On Colin Kaepernick (& Those Celebrities Who "Support" Him)
My Unpopular Opinion: My Thoughts On Colin Kaepernick (& Those Celebrities Who "Support" Him) controversy stories

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"My Unpopular Opinion" could easily describe some-or many!-of my pieces on Commaful!

My Unpopular Opinion: My Thoughts On Colin Kaepernick (& Those Celebrities Who "Support" Him)

by tbanarchy

I saw a petition on demanding the pop group Maroon 5 decline to play the much-coveted Halftime Show during the 2019 Super Bowl.

Other performers like rapper Jay-Z reportedly declined to perform the show due to the NFL's reported "treatment" of former football player Colin Kaepernick for his kneeling during the National Anthem.

Which I found rather interesting considering how Jay-Z's wife Beyonce got paid a couple million dollars some years back to play for the son of Libyan dictator the late Gaddafi (while hubby Jay-Z was in attendance).

To be fair, Beyonce did donate the money she received for the concert to charity AFTER all the backlash she received for performing said concert in the FIRST place.

Likewise, Jay-Z was photographed hanging out with the daughter of Omar Bongo who was the president of the African country of Gabon who was reportedly EVERY bit the brutal dictator as Gadaffi (perhaps even MORE so).

Beyonce, of course, drew flak for doing an "anti-cop" skit during her own performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show back in 2016 after she received a POLICE ESCORT to the show.

It's kind of like how Colin Kaepernick did a press conference on "brutality" & "oppression" while wearing a FIDEL CASTRO T-shirt. Whoops!

Kind of like how right-wing country crooner Toby Keith put out a song after the horrific attacks on 9/11 where he thundered, "We'll put a boot in your ass/It's the America way!"

He even got into a pissing match with Natalie Maines-the leader of the Dixie Chicks-after she DARED criticize then-president George W. Bush during a concert in London.

And THEN Toby Keith gets paid BIG bucks years later to do a concert in Saudi Arabia even though MANY believe SA had a hand in the 9/11 attacks. (And something tells me Toby DIDN'T perform his "boot in your ass" song during his concert over there!)

Personally, I don't care about the Super Bowl or who-or who doesn't-perform the Halftime Show there since I don't watch the Super Bowl (or football). And, BTW, neither do some-or many-of those who are going on sites like and demanding Maroon 5 NOT perform there.

This, of course, is what has undoubtedly led the NFL to lose viewers-and revenue-due to the all the "controversy" surrouding Colin Kaepernick-and other players-kneeling during the National Anthem before the games.

Frankly, Colin-and these other players-can ALL keep kneeling until their knees fall off as far as I care. But the thing that gets to me is how they seem to expect EVERYONE-football fan or no-to kiss their ass for doing so.

Sorry to disappoint them, but, while they may have the "right" to kneel during the NA, people-football fan or no-likewise have the right NOT to kiss their ass for doing it and/or pay GOOD money to see them do it.

I mean, the LAST pro-athlete we were all told we MUST "admire" was cyclist Lance Armstrong. Even Lance himself attacked ANYONE who dared "criticize" him in ANY way and even going to far as to "threaten" some of them, all with the media's apparent blessing.

And look how well THAT turned out as Lance Armstrong turned out to be a lying, doping, scumbag POS. (Not that I'm calling Colin Kaepernick ANY of this, BTW.)

And, just like I don't want to be told WHO to "admire" in this country, I damn sure DON'T want to get lectures on things like "brutality" & "oppression" from those who hang around-and especially receive MONEY from-the sons & daughters of brutal & oppressive dictators.

One more thing about Colin Kaepernick's kneeling: Does anyone remember back when football star Tim TeBow was roundly criticized for HIS kneeling during games-for "religious" reasons, he said-by the SAME people who are "supporting" Colin?

Just saying!

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