My Unpopular Opinion: My Response To That "Indigenous Peoples March" Video
My Unpopular Opinion: My Response To That "Indigenous Peoples March" Video controversy stories

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by tbanarchy Many-or most-have probably seen that "viral" video showing a group of teens-some of whom are wearing Trump hats-"harassing" an elder Native-American man at that Indigenous Peoples March

My Unpopular Opinion: My Response To That "Indigenous Peoples March" Video

by tbanarchy

Many-or most-have probably seen that "viral" video showing a group of teens-some of whom are wearing Trump hats-"harassing" an elderly Native-American man at that recent Indigenous Peoples March in Washington.

The video has sparked the usual "outrage" on sites like-where else!-Twitter by the usual gang of perpetually "outraged" PCers and the like. In other words, the usual suspects.

For those who haven't seen it yet, the video shows said group of teens seemingly mocking the elderly NA man while he chants and beats on a drum. The "viral" video is nearly four minutes long.

One teen-who's, of course, wearing a Trump hat-is standing directly in front of the man and is giving him a noticeable smirk while he's singing and chanting.

Some PCers both on-again, where else!-Twitter and in the media have denounced this as an actual act of VIOLENCE on the part of the smirking, Trump-hat-wearing youth.

Which I found to be rather interesting since the PCers on-there again, where else!-Twitter AND in the media have repeatedly defended and-in some (or many) instances-encouraged the VIOLENCE of Antifa.

To give just ONE example, back in December of last year, two members of an Antifa group were charged with ASSAULTING two Marines at some "alt-right" march the Marines said they just happened upon.

Of course, while they were being ASSAULTED, the Antifa members were calling them-you guessed it!-"white supremacists". There was just ONE problem with that: Both Marines were MEXICAN. Whoops!

According to one of the Marines's own court testimony, when he TOLD them how they were in fact MEXICAN, not only DID the "tolerant" Antifa members KEEP assaulting them, they proceeded to call them RACIST slurs like "spic" and "wetback". Double whoops!

Contrast THAT with the IPM video where not ONE of the boys EVER laid a hand on the elderly Native-American (who was himself a Vietnam vet).

Nor did ANY of them approach the man in any kind of "threatening" manner (unless, of course, you consider smirking to be "threatening" like, of course, the PCers).

Now were the boys in the video acting like dicks towards the man? Yes. Should they be chastised for it? To a degree, yes. Should they be publicly shamed for the rest of their lives and THREATENED themselves for what they did in the video? NO.

For anyone-including (and especially) the PCers-who would be "outraged" at me saying THAT, I would like to remind them once again of ALL the free passes that have been given to Antifa for the past few years.

Besides the incident involving the MEXICAN Marines, there was the video of the Anifa thug verbally accosting a woman who said she was a 911 widow, telling her how GLAD he was her husband was dead and proceeded to call him several vile names until he was run off by the woman's son.

There was another harrowing video showing NPR host Al Letson-who is African-American-stopping Antifa "protesters" nearly beating a man half to death at an "alt-right" rally.

There was even a video showing Antifa "protesters" at Antifa "protests" in Portland, Oregon-where they threw rocks and other objects at passing motorists that was mostly "ignored" by police-ACCOSTING AN ELDERLY WOMAN IN A WHEELCHAIR!!!!

Or how about the video showing the Antifa "protester" giving a roundhouse kick Patrick Swayze style to a WOMAN knocking her to the ground because she dared tell him she was "pro-life"?

Hell, these Antifa pricks even assaulted a BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTER named Paul Welch because they saw him carrying an American flag! Seriously!

So, the question remains, did ANY of these-and similar-videos involving Antifa go "viral" like the one taken at the Indigenous Peoples March? And I think the answer can safely be NO.

The ultimate irony in all of this is that Antifa "protesters" have also been caught on video ASSAULTING various media members who STILL continue to line up to kiss their "fascist" asses!

My point is if ANYONE-like, of course, the PCers-have remained silent whenever an Antifa "protester" has harassed and/or assaulted, say, an elderly women in wheelchairs and 911 widows and even DEFENDED them for doing so . . .

Then I sure as fuck DON'T want to hear your phony-ass "outrage" about a group of dumbass high school kids, Trump "supporters" or no, smirking and/or laughing at an elderly Native-American man.

Because we ALL know damn good & well if that same elderly NA man was the one who had been wearing the Trump hat & HE had been harassed and/or ASSAULTED by a group of masked Antifa thugs these same PCers would have either STFU about it . . . or SUPPORTED it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Antifa sure puts the "fa" in fascism, DON'T they!

And feel free to use ANY of these hashtags: #FuckAntifa #FuckThePCers #FuckTheMedia

And, for the umpteenth time, I'm NOT a "supporter" of THIS guy and/or an "alt-righter" just in case any of the PCers would like to throw THAT charge against me (which-of course!-they HAVE)!

And, just for the record, if ANY of those boys in that video HAD laid a hand on that elderly man, Native-American or no, I would have been the FIRST ones saying they SHOULD have gotten THEIR dumb asses kicked.

Patrick Swayze style!

And I'm just glad there WASN'T cell phone video cameras around when I was acting like a dumbass teenager!

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