My Unpopular Opinion 4: How Twitter Has Effed Up America
My Unpopular Opinion 4: How Twitter Has Effed Up America controversial stories

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by tbanarchy I first joined Twitter back in 2011 and the site was a MUCH different animal than what it is today.

My Unpopular Opinion 4: How Twitter Has Effed Up America

by tbanarchy

I first joined Twitter back in 2011 and the site was a MUCH different animal than what it is today.

I noticed Twitter changing during perhaps the second half of Obama's presidency as the tweets became incresingly more aggressive and strident.

Twitter has now become a cesspool of trolling, bullying and, yes, even DEATH THREATS.

Some, of course, might think I'm referring to the debacle involving those Covington high school boys & their "reaction" to that Native-American man in that "viral" video.

Since that video went "viral", the boys have been subjected to a series of abusive tweets involving doxxing-where a person's personal info is released to try to "intimidate" them-and DEATH THREATS.

And some reading this might think this is NOT a big deal since it ONLY involves MAGA hat wearing pro-life high school students from-gasp!-Kentucky.

However, in 2018, the SAME year Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (more on HIM in a bit) vowed to eradicate "hate speech" from his site, the group Amnesty International called Twitter "toxic" for its apparent failure in "protecting" WOMEN from abuse on the site.

To give another example, "adult" film star August Ames KILLED HERSELF after she was harassed on Twitter after she posted a tweet announcing how she wasn't going to "perform" any scenes with actors who had done gay porn for "health" reasons.

Ames, like the Covington boys, received MANY abusive tweets from others, including other porn stars, which, of course, included DEATH THREATS and tweets saying how she should KILL HERSELF.

And, just like with those Covington boys, NO ONE who had sent August said abusive tweets were BANNED from Twitter even though sending threats and other abusive tweets are clearly AGAINST Twitter's own rules.

In fact, the ONLY thing that happened was that Twitter kindly removed the nude pic August had used as a profile pic-which, of course, is also "against" Twitter's alleged "rules"-AFTER she committed suicide.

Seriously, Twitter?

To be fair, Twitter has removed accounts that have been abusive, though it sometimes takes them WEEKS to do so and the "enforcement" of their rules is arbitrary at best. (Of course, Twitter has NO trouble banning those who tweet the "wrong" political opinions.)

I mean, Alex Jones and that Milo guy-whatever you might personally think about them-were BANNED off Twitter even though, as far as I know, they NEVER sent anyone DEATH THREATS.

I myself reported one psycho at least half-a-dozen times who was sending a transsexual "adult" film star named Vaniity DEATH THREATS, including sending threats to her own family.

Not only was this psycho NOT banned from off Twitter but he was even allowed to set up MULTIPLE accounts where he continued to send Vaniity-that's right!-DEATH THREATS.

In fact, I think the issues with Twitter has reached critical mass and there should be congressional hearings like with Facebook where Jack Dorsey needs to have his "woke" ass testify about just WTF is going on at his site.

Now some, of course, might argue how this is a "free speech" issue and, while I'm pretty much a "free speech" absolutist, threatening to MURDER KIDS is an entirely different matter altogether!

I mean, if someone had called in that Covington school and threatened to BURN DOWN THE SCHOOL WITH THOSE BOYS INSIDE as that one Twitter user named "Uncle Shoes" did they would more than likely be ARRESTED and questioned by police.

So why SHOULD this psychotic shit be more "acceptable" when it's done on Twitter?

At the VERY least Jack Dorsey needs to step down as CEO of Twitter since it's VERY clear he is unable to properly run his own company and should be replaced with someone who's NOT as politically "biased" & would enforce Twitter's rules unequivocally.

It might be interesting to note here that Twitter reported it lost a grand total of 9 MILLION USERS in its third quarter in 2018, though, in spite of this, Twitter STILL reportedly continues to rake in MILLIONS in profit.

So, until Twitter begins losing millions in profit, Jack Dorsey will likely remain the "woke" CEO of Twitter in spite of his site's obvious "toxicity".

It's kind of like how Disney inexplicably extended the contract of Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy for THREE years in spite of how, in just a few short years, she managed to royally screw up the once-beloved Star Wars film franchise and cost Disney MILLIONS in the process.

But at least in Kathleen's case we're talking about movies and NOT psychos on a so-called social media site threatening to MURDER KIDS because one of them smirked at some Native-American guy in a video.

Ironically, Twitter "alternative" social media site Gab was briefly "deplatformed" because that Synagogue shooter had a profile on the site and, heinous murdering scumbag he was, his "anti-Jewish" posts weren't as violent as what was tweeted to those boys (from what I read of them in the media anyway).

And, for anyone who would claim you WON'T see any "anti-Jewish" posts on Twitter, Jack Dorsey actually said he wasn't going to do ANYTHING after controversial Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan tweeted likening Jewish people to, and I quote, "termites".

The best description of Twitter came from a Facebook friend of mine who described the site THIS way: "Twitter and all other forms of social media are just places big mouthed cowards find their balls until enough of the cowards unite and finally grow a set."

And DON'T get me started on how terrified corporations and others seemingly are nowadays of the "dreaded" Twitter backlash!

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