My "Unpopular" Opinion 3: The "Wokeness" Of Alyssa Milano?
My "Unpopular" Opinion 3: The "Wokeness" Of Alyssa Milano? woke stories

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She's BACK! And this time it's GOOD! (Or BAD, depe)nding on your point of view!)

My "Unpopular" Opinion 3: The "Wokeness" Of Alyssa Milano?

by tbanarchy

I know, I know I've posted about "actress/activist" Alyssa Milano once or twice before, but I've recently found out something about her I felt was just too good NOT to comment on.

Milano, like other "woke" celebrities, has been tweeting on the whole Covington fiasco where those boys were caught supposedly "harassing" that elderly Native-American man on that "viral" video.

In one tweet, she harped about "white boys having empathy" for others and, in another tweet, she remarked how "bigoted" they were. However, there's just ONE little problem with Milano's "virtue-signaling" regarding the "treatment" of Native-Americans:


So, in other words, while Alyssa Milano has been lecturing those Covington boys along with the REST of us on "racial sensitivity" she's selling clothes from a football team whose name many have deemed-you guessed it!-RACIST.

As Syndrome said to Mr. Incredible in The Incredibles, "Oh, this is just TOO good!"

Hell, there's even a petition on demanding that she STOP "attacking" Native-Americans like this (which is how I discovered what she was doing, BTW).

Seriously, did she FORGET she was selling these clothes when she was hypocritically wagging her sanctimonious finger at the Covington boys-and everyone else-on Twitter and elsewhere about "cultural sensitivity" towards Native-Americans?

I mean, I've seen celebrities be hypocritical jackasses before, but THIS takes the cake! Right, Lena Dunham?

And, just think, I thought Alyssa was being DUMB when she tweeted how she once saw NAZI ELVES in a Christmas store!

This ranks right up there with "comedian" Sarah Silverman accusing OTHERS of being-you guessed it!-RACIST while she's said "the n word" AND has worn BLACKFACE more than ONCE.

Of course, this wasn't the FIRST time Alyssa has been "culturally insensitive" towards Native-Americans as she wore Indian clothing during her nudie pictorial in the now-defunct Bikini magazine when she was trying to shed her "good girl" image (literally!).

I mean, isn't showing off your ta-tas while wearing Native-American headdresses that "cultural appropriation" Ms. Milano's fellow PCers keep harping about? (Just asking, PCers! )

Of course, Alyssa's "defenders" would no doubt say she did this years ago BEFORE she became "woke". And they might have a point EXCEPT for her making a profit from selling those . . . well, YOU know!

The bottom line is, I don't need some hasbeen celebrity telling ME how I-and others-should be more "racially sensitive" while she herself wears AND sells jerseys from a football team whose name MANY have deemed-again, you guessed it!-RACIST.

Seriously, Alyssa, if THIS is your idea of being "woke", then maybe-just maybe!-you should go back to doing soft-core porn movies like "Embrace Of The Vampire", you know what I mean?

Frankly, I much preferred Alyssa back when she was, uh-hum, starring in flicks like EOTV and posing half-naked in mags like Maxim and playing a half-naked Mermaid in shows like Charmed and she kept her mouth SHUT about "politics". Oh, those were happy (fappy?) days indeed!

Oh, BTW, here's the link to the petition about Alyssa Milano's "offensive" clothing line I mentioned earlier for anyone who is interested:

And, just for shits & giggles, here's ANOTHER petition asking to CANCEL Alyssa's current Netflix show because PCers claim it's a, as one critic called it, "fat-shaming dumpster fire".

How WOKE of you, Alyssa!

Seriously, you'd NEVER see any of this hypocritical "woke" BS from Jennifer Love Hewitt!

And at least Alyssa's former "Who's The Boss" co-star Tony Danza has the good sense to STHU about "politics". (You know, because he's Tony Danza!)

Again, the bottom line is, if YOU need the hasbeen likes of Alyssa "Nazi Elves" Milano-whom the media has actually dubbed the "leader" of the #MeToo "movement"-to tell YOU what to think & believe, SEEK HELP!!!!

Just saying, Alyssa!

Seriously, Alyssa, what in the politically correct hell happened to you? I mean, you USED to be such a cool chick! (Again, just saying, Alyssa!)

And, if all this WASN'T enough, here's a pic of Alyssa "Woke" Milano wearing CORN ROWS!

Seriously, Alyssa, WTF?!

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