My Unpopular Opinion 2: An Update To My "Indigenous Peoples March" Piece
My Unpopular Opinion 2: An Update To My "Indigenous Peoples March" Piece controversial stories

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I usually don't "update" pieces this fast but, as I point out in this piece, I've found some VERY disturbing info regarding this incident.

My Unpopular Opinion 2: An Update To My "Indigenous Peoples March" Piece

by tbanarchy

Since I posted my initial piece on that Indigenous Peoples March where those high school boys were caught "harassing" an elderly Native-American man who was pounding a drum and chanting at them, I have found some VERY disturbing new info involving the incident.

Not surprisingly, the PCers have themselves "harassed" the high school boys on sites like-where else!-Twitter with a series of abusive tweets that-of course!-included doxxing and THREATS.

Perhaps the MOST disturbing of these THREATS was from some "proud" PCer who calls himself Uncle Shoes who has one of those "verified" Twitter accounts even though I've never heard of him. Anyway, here are his tweets:

Yeah, I know.

In another one of his tweets, he called those who dared criticize him, and I quote, "cocksuckers" which, as I kindly pointed out to Uncle Shoes, is considered a HOMOPHOBIC slur. So much for being a "proud" PCer, eh, Mr. Shoes!

I also pointed out to "Uncle Shoes" how he tweeted how KIDS SHOULD BE SHOT AND BURNED ALIVE AT THEIR SCHOOL in spite of ALL the mass shootings, including school shootings, that occur nowadays.

And, as I also kindly pointed out to Mr. Shoes, what type of psycho DOES this? I mean, Alex Jones was banned from Twitter supposedly for what he said about that Sandy Hook school shooting and this POS is STILL on Twitter? Seriously?

Which brings me to my NEXT point: I thought "woke" Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey vowed to BAN "hate speech" from off Twitter? And, as I kindly tweeted to Jack, what Mr. Shoes tweeted about KILLING KIDS was in direct violation of Twitter's OWN rules regarding THREATS.

Or, as I also asked Jack, does his own rules apply ONLY to those who DON'T share his "woke" beliefs like Uncle Shoes claims to? Well, Jack?

Ironically, and as I also kindly pointed out to Uncle Shoes, PCers like HIM have acted far MORE violently towards those high school kids than the kids did to that man in that "viral" video whom, as I pointed out in my initial piece, they NEVER laid a single hand on him.

One of the things that MOST disturbed me about what Mr. Shoes tweeted was how he stated in his Twitter bio how he was a FATHER. As I also asked him, does he treat his OWN kids like THIS whenever they misbehave? (Maybe that's something "child services" should look into?)

But, as the PCer motto CLEARLY states: Do as I say and NOT as I do! And, if you DON'T do as I say, I'll threaten to fucking KILL you (or at least THREATEN to!)!

Oh, BTW, a longer version of the "viral" video shows the elderly Native-American man-whose name is Nathan Phillips-initially confronting the boys to try to separate them from another group who was reportedly spitting on the boys and calling them "homophobic" slurs..

Seriously, just what in the PC hell is up with all these "woke" PCers ALWAYS throwing around HOMOPHOBIC slurs? Well, Alec Baldwin?

I'm not saying Mr. Phillips was asking to be taunted & smirked at by those boys in that video. But, again, if Mr. Phillips had been the one wearing the Trump hat instead of those kids, then "proud" PCers like Uncle Shoes would have no doubt advocated HE be shot AND killed.

In closing, Uncle Shoes is just another hypocritical PCer who "bravely" attacks anyone who dares "disagrees" with him, including KIDS. on sites like-again, WHERE ELSE!-Twitter. I said it once and I'll damn sure say it AGAIN:


As for Twitter, well, what a GREAT site you got there, Jack. You should be REAL proud of yourself! #SarcasmAlert

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