My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Playboy Playmates
My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Playboy Playmates month stories

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My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Playboy Playmates

by tbanarchy

Playboy, for those who are either Amish or who have been living in a dungeon these past few decades, is a legendary nudie magazine founded by the late Hugh Hefner.

One of the things that Playboy magazine is most noted for are their Playmates they feature in each issue (you know, that has the pictures that fold out!).

I can remember the time when, if you wanted to look at a pic of a naked chick, you had to look at a magazine like Playboy (since, of course, there was no Interwebs back then!).

Here is a list of ten of my all-time favorite Playmates from all the years that I've been, uh-hum, reading Playboy (which I stopped after they became so damn "woke" like every other so-called men's magazine on the market today).

Julie Peterson (Miss February 1987)

Julie Peterson first appeared in Playboy's "Women Of Alaska" pictorial in 1986 and was so popular she came back (pardon the pun!) as a Playboy Playmate.

Julie McCullough (Miss February 1986)

After she was a Playmate, Julie starred in the 80s TV sitcom Growing Pains until she was reportedly fired after star Kirk Cameron became "religious" and demanded she be FIRED because she had appeared starkers in PB. (Cough . . . D-Bag!)

Teri Weigel (Miss April 1986)

Teri Weigel earned the distinction of becoming the first Playboy Playmate to do porn, which caused PB to "distance" themselves from her (which I thought was rather odd given their whole "sexual freedom" stance).

Veronica Gamba (Miss November 1983)

Veronica Gamba, after being a Playboy Playmate, went on to star in such, uh-hum, classic flims like Smokey & The Bandit Part 3.

Terry Nihen (Miss December 1983)

Terry Nihen appeared as a Playboy Playmate in the same issue where actress Joan Collins showed her middle-aged ass (literally!).

Pamela Saunders (Miss November 1985)

Pamela Saunders was first in PB's "Girls Of Texas" pictorial before she came back (again, pardon the pun!j as a Playboy Playmate.

Anne Marie Fox (Miss February 1982)

Admittedy, Playboy hasn't featured as many WOC (women of color) as Playmates (which, of course, I'm sure will change now that PB has gone "woke"!).

Carol Ficatier (Miss December 1985)

Besides being a Playboy Playmate, Carol Ficatier is also a French actress & model. I remember her saying how she thought Americans were all "puritans" (and she's, of course, probably right!).

Corinna Harney (Miss August 1991 & Playmate Of The Year 1992)

Corinna Harney was both a Playboy Playmate and PB's coveted Playmate Of The Year in 1992. She also starred in movies such as Vegas Vacation with Chevy Chase (yes, THAT Chevy Chase!).

Heather Carolin (Miss April 2002)

Heather Carolin, along with Teri Weigel, is another Playboy Playmate who became a porn star, though, unlike Teri, she was primarily a "girl/girl" performer (and I don't have to tell you what THAT means, do I?).

If you'll notice, most of the Playboy Playmates I picked are from the eighties. That also happens to be when I went through puberty. Coincidence?

And, there again, for anyone who would call me "sexist" for posting this, here is a pic of Matthew McConaughey (that, ironically enough, was also shown in Playboy!).

R.I.P., Hef!

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