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My Thoughts On Pot

by tbanarchy

Believe it or not, I've only smoked ONE joint throughout my lifetime. I didn't really get anything out of smoking said joint, so I never bothered to light up another one.

That being said, I fully support the legalization of marijuana (and prostitution!) for medical and, uh-hum, other uses.

Pot was actually LEGAL in this country until 1937 with the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act which effectively banned and & all uses of pot, including medical ones.

Apparently major businesses and corporations at the time didn't want to "compete" with hemp since it could be used to make things-and cheaper too!-such as clothes and paper. So they "pressured" lawmakers to ban the buds entirely.

Thus began a decades-long attempt to "demonize" weed that included the hilariously bad propaganda film Reefer Madness that tried to convince everyone, especially young people, that smoking ONE joint can turn you into a drug-crazed whackjob.

Never mind that this country's own Founding Fathers like George Washington & Thomas Jefferson not only grew pot but they SMOKED it too!

"I cannot tell a lie! I am so fucking blazed right now I can't see straight to chop down this cherry tree!"

An interesting sidenote: The George Washington chopping down the cherry tree and refusing to lie about it story was itself a LIE initially told by a writer named Parson Weems who wanted to write a "moralistic" biography about George for schoolchildren.

Going back to pot, not only did the Founding Fathers like George & Thomas get blazed on their own stash, they also encouraged others within the colonies to grow their OWN pot to help gain this country's "independence" from merry old England.

And, while we're at it, Benjamin Franklin was not only a prolific inventor but he was also a notorious horndog who juggled two or three mistresses when he was in his sixties AND was a member of this kinky sex club called The Hellfire Club.

So I guess this means our Founding Fathers were pot-smoking sex maniacs (and Thomas Jefferson, of course, fathered a number of children with his slave Sally Hemings). God Bless America!

Again, going back to pot, one person who would seemingly LOVE to go back to the days of the "reefer madness" hysteria is Tucker Carlson who hosts his own show on Fox (Non) News.

Among other things, Tucker has cited one or two studies which suggest a possible "link" between casual marijunana use and psychosis. (Sound familiar?)

However, in the "studies" I've read, while they do suggest a possible "link" between pot use and psychosis. the instances of this occurring are rare and one would have to smoke a ton of pot to become what Tucker would call "psychotic".

It's kind of like how drinking too much water at one time CAN in fact kill you. (And somehow I don't think we'll EVER see a movie titled Water Madness, you know what I mean?)

On one show, Tucker asked a "pro-pot" guest if they had ever spoken to a "stoned" 19-year-old. Which, of course, begs the question what the hell is THIS guy doing "talking" to high 19-year-olds in the FIRST place?

The bottom line is, sitting on your ass all day smoking pot is NOT good for you the same way sitting on your ass all day drinking booze is NOT good for you. (And yet I've never heard Tucker harp about THAT.)

And chances are smoking ONE joint is NOT going to turn you into Jack Nicholson in The Shining, you kno what I mean?

But I feel with the proper regulation pot and/or hemp SHOULD be legalized in this country.

Besides, without pot, where would THESE guys be? (That's Cheech & Chong, for those of you not in the know!)

As for prostitution, as George Carlin once noted, selling is legal and fucking is legal. So why ISN'T selling fucking legal in this country (except for certain places in Nevada)?

And, just so you know, I do watch Tucker Carlson's show on Fox (Non) News because, though I do think he's totally full of shit on certain issues (like, of course, pot), it's one of the FEW shows on TV that rails against this rampant PC BS like I do.

And I-of course!-immediately change the channel when THIS guy comes on! (No offense, Sean!)

Oh, BTW, I actually had a "Reefer Madness" T-shirt that I actually wore to school on a number of occasions (which, of course, probably contributed to the rumors I was a pothead).

And please do me a HUGE favor when commenting on this piece and DON'T go off on an "anti-Fox (Non) News" rant. I can read enough of THAT shit on-where else!-Twitter.

Along with-of course!-the rampant PC BS the "woke" mob on Twatter is known for!

Plus, while I don't mean to sound like THIS guy, about 99.9 1/2 % of what's "reported" in the media is pure BULLSHIT!

Oh yeah, back in the seventies when the first Star Wars movie came out, people would go to the theaters high as a kite so that it would make the special effects look more, shall we say, special.

May The Blaze be with you!

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