My Thoughts On "Gaming" (& A Bit About So-Called "GamerGate")
My Thoughts On "Gaming" (& A Bit About So-Called "GamerGate") game stories
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I posted a similar piece months ago titled "To Game Or Not To Game . . . That Is The Question!" However, in this one I added my thoughts on the whole insipid #GamerGate "controversy".

My Thoughts On "Gaming" (& A Bit About So-Called "GamerGate")

by tbanarchy

I'm not a "gamer" myself. I don't own a Playstation or an X-Box. I do have one of those Atari Flashback game consoles I haven't hooked up in eons. (I'm not even sure if the thing still works or not!)

I did play a friend's X-Box some years ago. I played one of those "racing" games. I began getting bored with it after only a few minutes.

I also played another firend's Playstation a while ago. I played the classic game Duke Nuke 'Em (which today would probably be accused by the PCers of promoting "toxic masculinity" or some such PC crap).

Anyway, I only played it once and didn't play it again since my friend kept yelling in my ear the whole time I was trying to play the damn game.

I did, however, play my sister's Nintendo 64 quite a bit back when she was a kid when games like the "controversial" Mortal Kombat were all the rage.

I used to play video games all the time when I was around 12 and 13. This was back when games like Space Invaders, Pac-Man & Donkey Kong were all the rage.

This was also the time when you had to step out of your house and go to an arcade if you wanted to play any video games.

Though there were Atari video game consoles back then like the 2600 and the 5200 version. (I had the latter one which I got as a Christmas present one year which made ma a BIG hit among my friends!)

My favorite all-time video game is Centipede, which I have played online. Other video game faves of mine included Defender & Joust. (Anyone remember THOSE games?)

Nowadays video games rake in millions of billions of dollars a year. And, of course, even video gaming is NOT "immune" from having "politics" interjected in it.

Of course, I am referring to that whole #GamerGate "controversy" which, to be honest, I still don't entirely know what the hell it's all about except that seems to be where a lot of that PC crap originated from.

PCers, of course, claim GG was "created" as a way to "harass" and/or "bully" girls into NOT playing video games by "misogynistic" geeks or whatever. To which I say: Uh-huh.

There was even a ridiculous segment on GG on that show "What Would You Do?" where they had a couple of boy actors harass a girl actor about buying a "boy's game" in a video game store.

Ironically, the "adults" who were in the store "harassed" and/or "bullied" the faux boy gamers MORE than the faux boy gamers were doing to the faux girl gamer! But, of course, they were "praised" by the show's host anyway for standing UP to "bullying"!

PC "logic" at its best (or at its worst, whichever way you want to look at it)!

Anyway, when I was younger and playing video games, my mother asked me what I was into at the time. I told her, "I'm into video games, acid rock and girls!"

She then asked my father, "What in the world are you teaching him?" My father then said back to her, "Well, I'm not into video games or acid rock!" (They were divorced by that time, BTW.)

You can probably see where I get much of my, uh-hum, wit from, can't you?

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