My Thoughts On Billie Eilish (& Van Halen)
My Thoughts On Billie Eilish (& Van Halen) friction stories

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My Thoughts On Billie Eilish (& Van Halen)

by tbanarchy

So singer Billie Eilish-who's arguably one of the most popular pop singers around today-told Jimmy Kimmel how she didn't know who Van Halen was.

In spite of the fact the interview aired almost TWO WEEKS earlier, sites like-where else!-Twitter went ballistic about this.

Even VH guitarist Eddie Van Halen's own son Wolfgang chimed in and "defended" Billie Eilish not knowing who his father's band was.

Now, to be fair, I myself chimed in with a couple of snarky tweets of my own.

One of which said how I didn't think anyone in Van Halen really cared if this Billie Eilish didn't know who they were or not (although I'm sure they very much enjoyed all the free publicity!).

I myself didn't know who Biliie Eilish was until I saw her on the cover of Rolling Stone a little while ago and I listened to some of her music on Spotify and YouTube (more about that in a bit).

I'm, of course, very much aware of who Van Halen is as I have a bunch of their records-and, yes, I mean actual records!-and I even saw them in concert in the mid-80s when Sammy Hagar replaced David Lee Roth as their lead singer.

As for what I think of the music of Billie Eilish, she kind of reminds me of a singer named Liz Phair who came out back in the 90s (although her music was MUCH more, shall we say, adult than Billie's).

As for whether or not I actually like Billie's music, well, let's just say I'm more of a Pat Benatar and Lita Ford fan and leave it at THAT, shall we?

And, for any diehard BE fan who would get "offended" at me saying that, I'm also not that much of a fan of Taylor Swift who's arguably more popular than Billie (although I do like a couple of Taylor's songs).

Speaking of being "offended" by what I say, one "wokester" on-again, where else!-Twatter got REALLY "offended" by my other tweet on the whole insipid Billie Eilish/Van Halen "controversy".

For some reason, Van Halen's classic song "Hot For Teacher" was also "trending" on Twitter, so I tweeted how I wished all the "wokesters" would go and watch the video for the song and get REALLY "triggered" by it (you know, like they do pretty much everything else!).

Well, this proud "wokester" got REALLY "triggered" by my tweet as he told me "go fuck yourself" and said though he didn't feel their song or video for HFT was "misogynist" being a VH "fan" himself, he accused ME of being a-you guessed it!-"misogynist" for posting about it.

Anyway, I think the Spin site put out the BEST piece on the whole insipid Billie Eilish/Van Halen "controversy" titled, appropriately enough, "Who Cares About Billie Eilish And Van Halen?" (Google it.)

The writer of the piece, Andy Cush, said the BEST thing about the whole "controversy" and which also pretty much sums up so-called social media in general: "Plenty of people spoke, but few seemed to care very much about what they were saying."

But something tells me that Billie Eilish definitely knows who Van Halen is now, don't YOU?

Oh, one more thing: In this piece's description, I included the link to the video for "Hot For Teacher" by Van Halen and you can see for yourself if you think there's any way in "woke" hell this vid would EVER come out today.

I'll guarantee you ONE thing: After watching this video, you will NEVER look at "Where's Waldo?" the SAME way again!

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