My Thoughts On . . . Umbrellas?
My Thoughts On . . . Umbrellas? charm stories

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I got your "umbrella" right HERE!

My Thoughts On . . . Umbrellas?

by tbanarchy

So today's "story challenge" on Commaful is . . . "umbrella".

Seriously, Commaful?

I mean, what CAN be said about umbrellas that HASN'T been said before?

Hell, I don't think I've even USED an umbrella in my lifetime.

I usually just wear ball caps whenever it's raining outside. (Not THIS ball cap, of course, since I already get ENOUGH shit!)

I will say "Umbrella" was an OK song by singer Rihanna.

And here's Rihanna's "adult" film star doppleganger Skin Diamond (sans umbrella!).

And, for the hell of it, here's another gif of Elvira (again, sans umbrella!)!

But I guess "umbrella" is a slightly BETTER "story challenge" than the one Commaful once had about leaves.

Yes, you heard right, freakin' LEAVES!!!! (Notice I didn't say fuckin' leaves!)

I mean, what's NEXT, Commaful? ROCKS?

But, if you DO decide to have "rocks" as a "story challenge", you can bet your sweet, uh, bottom I'll have something snarky-as-hell to say about THAT too! (That's Skin Diamond's sweet, uh, bottom, BTW!)

That's just part of my charm!

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