My Thoughts On . . . Hooligan?
My Thoughts On . . . Hooligan? hooligan stories

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You "hooligans"!

My Thoughts On . . . Hooligan?

by tbanarchy

So once again I took a gander at the daily "story challenge" on Commaful and I saw that it was . . . hooligan.

And I'm like what?

Seriously, Commaful, what do you think this is? The fucking fifties?

I mean, really, when was the LAST time you heard ANYONE use the word "hooligan" to describe someone?

Apart from, of course, someone who's the same age as THIS guy!

Although I will say I thought "Hooligan's Holiday" was one of Motley Crue's more underrated songs (which they did without frontman Vince Neil).

Personally, I think a more, shall we say, challenging "story challenge" would have been-again, shall we say-bastard instead of hooligan.

Coincidentally, "Bastard" also happens to be the name of another song by Motley Crue. (This one, BTW, they did with frontman Vince Neil.)

Just saying!

Personally, I want to see blood & guts & puke & shit & tits & ass in MY "story challenges" on Commaful. (Especially the tits & ass!)

But that's just ME!

Hell, it's gotten to the point where I'm halfway expecting to see the "story challenge" on Commaful one day to BE "challenge".

But, then again, everything ELSE has gotten bland, boring and mundane in this country, so why NOT the "story challenges" on Commaful?

Now, don't get me wrong, I do still enjoy posting pieces on Commaful in spite of the rather lame-ass "story challenges". (No offense, Commaful!)

Again, I'm just saying!

Now get off my lawn, you dang hooligans!

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