My "Review" Of The, Uh-Hum, Classic Film Jack Frost
My "Review" Of The, Uh-Hum, Classic Film Jack Frost cinema stories

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My "Review" Of The, Uh-Hum, Classic Film Jack Frost

by tbanarchy

Some years ago I watched a horror comedy-yes, there IS such a thing!-called Jack Frost.

The movie is about a serial killer named-wait for it!-Jack Frost who escapes from jail around Christmas and crashes his car into a chemical truck.

The chemicals mix with the snow and transforms Jack into a killer snowman who goes on a-that's right!-killing spree.

The most "memorable" death scene for me was the bathtub scene with a naked Shannon Elizabeth-of American Pie fame (she was the one who diddled herself in bed)-where Jack . . . well, you know!

This was, of course, a couple of years BEFORE Shannon got her boob job that was-of course!-on CLEAR display in American Pie!

BTW, this Jack Frost flick is NOT to be confused with the "family" flick of the same name that came out about a year later starring Michael "Batman" Keaton and Kelly Preston (of John Travolta fame!).

And, no, Kelly, unlike Shannon, does NOT show her ta-tas in that flick (though she DID show her ta-tas and MORE in her 80s flick Mischief, just so you pervs know!).

Speaking of pervs, here's a pic from Shannon Elizabeth's pictorial in-where else!-Playboy that came out (pardon the pun!) around the same time as American Pie. (You're welcome, pervs!)

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