My Review Of "Revenge" By KISS
 My Review Of "Revenge" By KISS hard rock stories
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My Review Of "Revenge" By KISS

by tbanarchy

"Revenge" is an album that came out in the early-nineties by legendary hard rock/heavy metal band KISS.

The album "Revenge" earned the distinction of being the band's first top ten album since their classic late-seventies record "Dynasty" (which contained their disco hit "I Was Made For Lovin' You").

I bought the album-or rather the cassette since they stopped making albums by then-on the day it was released while I was in Arkansas visiting my Dad.

I remember when I popped the tape into my boom box-anyone remember THOSE?-and the first track titled "Unholy"-which is one of my favorite songs on the album-started playing my Dad looked at me like I was out of my ever-loving mind.

I saw Gene Simmons give an interview being the album's release and he talked about how the album was "heavier" than their more "glam" records of the 80s that he said were, if memory serves, too poppy.

Gene was probably referring to their album "Crazy Nights" which is one KISS album I didn't go out and buy.

I found the "Revenge" album to be reminiscent of their album "Creatures Of The Night" that was released a decade earlier that also had a "heavier" sound than previous albums (like their album "The Elder" which is another KISS album I never bought).

COTN, BTW, was KISS's final album with their famous makeup before their follow-up the subtlely-titled "Lick It Up" where they took off their makeup.

Along with the opening track "Unholy", the album also has more "racier" fare such as the second track "Take It Off"-which I feel is pretty self-explanatory!-and the hit "Domino" that contains the line: "When that bitch bends over, I forget my name." Subtle!

There's also the other hit song from the record called "I Just Wanna" where in the chorus Paul Stanley goes "I just wanna fuh" a couple of times being saying "I just wanna forget you!" But Paul (deliberately?) makes it sound like he's about to say fuck.

FUCK, BTW, is what Gene Simmons, uh-hum, suggested the band be called before they settled on the name KISS. I believe they made the right choice, don't you?

The last song on the album "Revenge" is titled "Carr Jam 1981" and features the drum solo drummer Eric Carr-who replaced Peter Criss-played when he auditioned for the band back in 1981. (Carr passed away the year before "Revenge" was released.)

R.I.P., Eric! (BTW, Gene Simmons once said he thought Carr was a BETTER drummer than Criss. Ouch!)

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