My Review Of Motorhead's "No Remorse"
My Review Of Motorhead's "No Remorse" beatles stories
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Give me Motorhead! (Oh, wait a sec . . .)

My Review Of Motorhead's "No Remorse"

by tbanarchy

Motorhead is a legendary British heavy metal band whom I've been a fan of for years and whom I've posted about before.

The band was, of course, fronted by legendary frontman who was known primarily to fans as Lemmy-his real name being Lemmy Kilmister-who passed away in 2015. Lemmy not only was the lead vocalist but he also played bass.

I know I'll probably catch hell for saying this, but I actually prefer listening to Motorhead than even the Beatles.

Coincidentally, Motorhead covered the Beatles's classic tune "Back In The USSR" as they did many covers. (MH's cover of the Rolling Stones's classic "Sympathy For The Devil" has even been recently used in a car commercial.)

Anyway, the very first album by Motorhead I ever bought was their album "No Remorse" which I bought as a teen in a record store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana while I was visiting my Mom during the summer.

I remember how freaked out my Mom got when she saw the cover, which, of course, made me want to buy it even more!

Anyway, "No Remorse" is a double-album "compilation" of their biggest hits along with a few newer tracks MH recorded for the album, including the song "Killed By Death" which is one of my all-time favorite songs by the band.

The video for the song, by the way, was banned by MTV. I saw the video on the music show Night Flight that I would watch religiously as a teen. (That's what type of "social life" I had back then!)

The album starts off, of course, with the band's signature tune "Ace Of Spades". (Kind of like how "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was the Beatles's signature tune, only MUCH heavier!)

In 2017, "No Remorse" was ranked 7th on Rolling Stone's list of "100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time" and was the only compilation album on the list.

And, while we're at it, here's a couple of interesting things about the cover: Along with the normal cardboard sleeve, the original records were also available in a leather-effect sleeve that had silver on black artwork.

Kind of like how the cover of the Rolling Stones's classic album "Sticky Fingers"-the one with "Brown Sugar" & "Bitch"-came with an actual pants zipper that was eventually taken off after the zipper started scratching the albums.

There was also a cassette version that came in a leather pouch with wording that mimicked the Government Health Warning found on a cigarette packet about cigs being potentially harmful to one's health.

Coincidetally, this is what my Mom implied about MH's music when I bought the record. That and how it could possibly kill a few of the fish in the lake behind her house!

Anyway, Motorhead followed up "No Remorse" with their classic album "Orgasmatron" that started off with their song "Deaf Forever"-another one of my all-time faves-and, of course, the memorable title track.

Now some music critics have implied how all of Motorhead's music pretty much sounds the same. Of course, the same has been said of Australian heavy metal band AC/DC, which is another band I'd rather listen to than the Beatles!

Whatever one feels about the music of Motorhead, they definitely DON'T make rock bands like them anymore. (And you can, of course, decide for yourself if that's a good or a bad thing, OK? OK!)

And, for the record, I don't like the Beatles, just NOT as much as Motorhead and/or AC/DC. Of course, about the heaviest song the Beatles ever did was that "Helter Skelter".

And we, of course, know how well THAT turned out, don't we? (Too soon?)

R.I.P., Lemmy! You ARE sorely missed!

BTW, does anyone know what the hell a "wolf ligger" is? Lemmy uses the phrase in the song "Killed By Death" when he says: "I'm a lone wolf ligger but I ain't no pretty boy."

Just asking!

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