My Quick Review Of The Orville's "Primal Urges" Episode
My Quick Review Of The Orville's "Primal Urges" Episode green skinned women stories

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My Quick Review Of The Orville's "Primal Urges" Episode

by tbanarchy

So the second episode of the second season of the sci-fi show The Orville-produced & starring Seth MacFarlane (of Family Guy fame)-had one of the alien characters dealing with a so-called "porn addiction" problem.

Everyone acted like this was a big deal even though there was already an episode about "space porn" in the sci-fi series Crusade starring actor Gary Cole that came out in the late-nineties.

Also, there was already an episode of Star Trek: TNG dealing with "holo-addiction" where one character became "addicted" to being on the holodeck & using other crew members in his simulations.

But what got to me about The Orville episode was, if Seth MacFarlane was trying to make some "moral" statement about so-called porn, why then DID he have PORN STAR Asa Akira on an episode of Family Guy?

(And DON'T act like you DON'T know who Asa Akira is, you pervs!)

But, seriously, this sounds like an episode one might see on a "Christian" sci-fi show, you know what I mean?

I mean, it was like Seth MacFarlane-who's an avowed atheist, BTW-was trying to channfel his inner Pat Robertson on THIS episode; again, you know what I mean?

It reminds me of a saying I heard how people fap to porn with one hand while they wag their fingers about how "immoral" it is with the other.

It kinds of makes me long for the days when Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek-which The Orville seems to be "patterning" itself after-would bang green-skinned women and NOT "apologize" for it.

"Live Long & Prosper" indeed!

In all, I think The Orville is a decent enough sci-fi show. It's certainly BETTER than that Star Trek: Discovery (i.e. Star Trek: STD!)!

But rather "preachy" episodes like "Primal Urges" do kind of make me shake my head and wonder what "direction" Seth MacFarlane is trying to take the show; once again, you know what I mean?

Anyway, "Live Long & Prosper" and, like Captain Kirk, never pass up a chance to bang a hot green-skinned chick!

An update: Since I first posted this piece, there was an episode of Family Guy where one of the characters had a so-called "porn addiction" problem. (And, no, it wasn't THIS guy!)

And, in FG's "Trump" episode, Seth took some potshots at Trump's wife Melania taking some nudie shots, including with another woman, while she was a model (or, as Seth put it, when she did soft-core porn).

Funny how I don't recall Seth MacFarlane taking potshots at the future Mrs. Trump back when she was featured NAKED on covers of magazines like GQ.

I mean, how DARE a woman decide what she can do with HER own body & do something as SLUTTY as getting paid to show off her body or do porn! #SarcasmAlert

And, I hate to keep repeating myself, but, if Mr. MacFarlane truly has an "issue" with porn, why then did he have THIS woman in an episode of FG?

(And, again, don't act like you DON'T know who she is, you pervs!)

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