My Own "Devil" Story
My Own "Devil" Story rumors stories

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This is a TRUE story.

My Own "Devil" Story

by tbanarchy

When I was in high school, I was taken out of class one day by the yearbook staff.

They took me to the house of one of the staffers where they photographed me looking at HIS record collection. (Does anyone remember records?)

At the time, I didn't really find it odd they would take me to HIS house rather than mine to photograph me looking at MY records.

But then the yearbook came out and inside was indeed a picture of me looking at the yearbook staffer's records.

However, the caption read how I was looking at MY records in MY room instead of his.

Even my Dad questioned me about it when he saw the pic, saying how he didn't recognize those bed-sheets.

I was talking with a friend of mine about this blatant LIE and he told me he believed he knew the reason WHY the yearbook staff did THIS.

My friend said they likely DIDN'T want to go to my house and risk being "sacrificed" to the Devil or something "sinister" like that.

You see, among all the OTHER rumors spread about me while I was in school, it was also widely rumored that I was a-wait for it!

-DEVIL WORSHIPER mainly because I listened to heavy metal, wore black clothes and read Stephen King books.

You know, stereotypical bullshit like THAT.

Of course, I'm sure THESE rumors contributed to later rumors I was "planning" to kill ALL the seniors at graduation and burn the school down (which, of course, were also NOT true).

But that's, of course, another story for another time.

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