My Non-"Woke" Review Of That "Woke" Batwoman Trailer
My Non-"Woke" Review Of That "Woke" Batwoman Trailer batwoman stories

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Let the "triggering" BEGIN!

My Non-"Woke" Review Of That "Woke" Batwoman Trailer

by tbanarchy

So the CW TV channel recently rolled out the trailer for their upcoming Batwoman TV show on YouTube.

For those of you who've never watched the CW channel before, they're most noted for their "woke" TV shows, including-and especially!-their "woke" superhero shows.

And just how "woke" are they? Well, on one episode of The Flash, the female characters said the phrase "hashtag feminism" about every 4 or 5 minutes.

And, on their show Legends Of Tomorrow, they actually put a Muslim character on the show because the "woke" producers of the show-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-wanted to piss off THIS guy.

And, of course, they had Supergirl beating the crap out of Superman. Now in what "woke" universe can friggin SUPERGIRL beat the crap out of Superman?

Oh yeah, that's right! The CW!

I, of course, could go on, but you get the "woke" picture, don't you?

But, judging from that Batwoman trailer, they've REALLY managed to "out-woke" themselves!

The trailer starts off showing Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman up and leaving Gotham for NO apparent reason. (Because, you know, "woke"!)

That's when Batwoman-after they, of course, remind us in the trailer that she's a lesbian-breaks into his mansion, finds the Batcave and STEALS his shit.

Now let me just say at this point I have NO problem with a character being lesbian. I mean, one look at my browsing history and you can see I have NO problem with lesbian characters!

In fact, I think they should put out even MORE lesbian superheroes! (Because, you know, "woke"!)

Anyway, at one point, after STEALING Batman's shit, Batwoman asks this guy to "redesign" his Batsuit.

And, when the guy tells her said Batsuit is "literal perfection", Batwoman then says to him: "It will be . . . when it fits a woman!"

So Batwoman goes out and people-surprise!-mistake her for-gasp!-Batman. This apparently pisses BW off enough to say: "I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work!"

Seriously, they have her on the show STEAL a man's shit and claim it as her own and THEN she gets pissed off when people mistake her for the guy she STOLE his shit from!

I guess the bat tits DIDN'T give it away to everyone that they WEREN'T looking at the "real" Batman.

But, then again, George Clooney had bat tits-complete with bat nipples!-in HIS, uh-hum, classic Batman & Robin flick so there you go!

Going back to the Batwoman trailer, EVERY shot of this trailer is made to remind you just WHAT a "strong" lesbian waman superhero Batwoman is.

Even the song they used in the BW trailer keeps saying "I'm a woman!"

Again, tits!

Frankly, I'm NOT surprised the CW has put out a show that's THIS "woke" since, after all, it IS the CW which apparently stands for Completely Woke.

But, judging from the, uh-hum, reaction to the trailer on YouTube, they just may have taken their "wokeness" TOO far since, at last count, said trailer has racked up over 70,000 likes and over 350,000 DISLIKES.

"Holy Bat Vag, Batman!"

The last time I remember seeing a "reaction" like THAT to a trailer on YouTube was that all-female Ghostbusters trailer. And we, of course, remember how well THAT turned out, don't we?

Of course, just like with the all-chick Ghostbusters flick, the "critics" of "woke" Batwoman will undoubtedly be called "sexist" AND "racist" AND even a NAZI. To which I say:

I admit, I'll probably end up watching the Batwoman show mainly because, as I've posted before, I think tattooed chicks are HOT and Ruby Rose looks pretty HOT naked!

Even though Ruby Rose looks like she has the haircut of a 10-year-old boy in the show but I digress!

The most ironic AND hilarious thing about all of this is that some months ago Ruby Rose was run OFF Twitter by the very SAME "woke" Twitter mob that the "woke" BW producers are blatantly trying to "appeal" to.

And why WAS Miss Rose run OFF "woke" Twatter, you might be asking yourself? It was because said Twitter "woke" mob insisted Ruby-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-WASN'T "LESBIAN" ENOUGH TO PLAY BATWOMAN!!!!

Seriously, where the hell IS Batgirl when you need her!

Oh, BTW, Supergirl's previous "woke" producer Andrew Kreisberg was FIRED over sexual harassment allegations.

Now THAT'S what I call being "woke"!

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