My Non-PC "Review" Of The All-Female Reboot Of Ghostbusters
My Non-PC "Review" Of The All-Female Reboot Of Ghostbusters controversy stories

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Who you gonna call? Not THESE chicks!

My Non-PC "Review" Of The All-Female Reboot Of Ghostbusters

by tbanarchy

So they had the all-female reboot of the classic sci-fi comedy Ghostbusters on TV the other night.

I decided to turn it on for a little bit to see if it was as "bad" as people said it was & especially if it was as much of a politically correct trainwreck people said it was.

I turned it on the scene where the female GB were testing out their weapons and I thought this didn't look TOO bad.

And then came the scene where the Thor guy acted like a "hunky" moron and the girlie Ghostbusters were mocking him for acting like said "hunky" moron.

I realized that not only was it as "bad" as people said it was but that it was EVERY bit the PC trainwreck they said it was. CLICK!

Hell, I don't think even a cameo from Bill Murray could have saved THIS flick!

I admit, I was never a really big Ghostbusters fan to begin with as the movie came out when I was a teenager and I'd gotten out of that whole Star Wars sci-fi thing and had gotten more into music.

Speaking of music, that damn "Ghostbusters" theme song played on the radio every five seconds, it seemed like, and that DIDN'T help me be more of a "fan" of that movie.

But at least the original GB film was well-made & well-acted & the makers of THAT film were NOT blatantly trying to push some politically-correct agenda like they do with SO many films and shows nowadays.

And, yes, I'm looking at YOU, female Doctor Who! (And, no, I'm NOT a big DW fan either!)

Although I will say that I did thoroughly enjoy the show when that Billie Piper was on! (Meow!)

And one "positive" thing I will say about the Ghostbusters reboot is that I thought Kate McKinnon looked pretty-dare I say it!-sexy in the film.

But, then again, I also thought Cate Blanchett looked pretty hot as a Nazi in that last Indiana Jones flick so there you go! (And I'll, of course, probably get called a NAZI for saying THAT. Oh well!)

And, before I get accused by the PCers as being "sexist" here, I have NO problem with entertainment having "strong" female characters. In fact, some of my MOST favorite movies, shows & books have "strong" female characters (like "urban fantasy", for instance).

But I, like others, DON'T like poorly-developed characters, female or otherwise, "created" by those who have obvious "political" agendas.

And, yeah, I'm looking at YOU, Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson!

Of course, if the Ghostbusters in the film looked more like THIS then I might've, uh-hum, enjoyed the film more!

And, again, for any PCer who would denounce me as being SEXIST for saying that, here's that Magic Mike fella that YOU gave a free pass to.

So STFU!!!!

And, there again, I'm looking at YOU, Chris Hardwick!

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