My Least Favorite Horror Films
My Least Favorite Horror Films  horror stories

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I stated in my bio ABOUT ME how I'm into "cheesy" horror flicks. This piece initially started out as a list of my favorite horror flicks of all-time but, when THAT list started getting too long as I kept adding more & more entries, I decided to go the complete opposite and list some of my LEAST favorite horror flicks since that, of course, was a smaller list. (I still might post a smaller version of my "favorite" horror list sometime later on, in case you were wondering, which, of course, I'm sure you were!)

My Least Favorite Horror Films

by tbanarchy

The Last House On The Left

Wes Craven's first horror movie is also one of his most brutal. This film is SO brutal in fact it was banned in some countries when it was released. I watched this film ONCE & that was ENOUGH.

House Of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombie's first horror film, like LHOTL, is also his most brutal. An example: a bad guy slices off the skin of the father of one of the girls he's holding & wears his face & kisses her. Yeah.

The Lords Of Salem

Also directed by Rob Zombie, I would say what this film is about but I'm STILL trying to figure out just what in the horrific hell went on in THIS flick! Seriously, can someone PLEASE tell me?!

Hostel II

I watched the first Hostel in the theaters when it came out & it was OK. The sequel, on the other hand, yikes! I mean, the scene where the woman bathes in the other woman's blood STILL haunts me!

The Ring

The Ring was a popular horror film when it came out but I thought it is the DUMBEST horror flick I'd ever seen! I mean, a haunted video tape? Why DIDN'T anyone just RIP OUT THE TAPE? Just saying!

I Spit On Your Grave

Brutal doesn't even BEGIN to describe THIS film. This film is about a woman who gets brutally gang-raped & gets revenge in the most brutal ways imaginable. Oh, did I mention THIS film is BRUTAL?

Bloody Murder

This film is SUCH a blatant rip-off of Friday the 13th it's a wonder the producers DIDN'T get their asses sued off! A mask-wearing killer named TREVOR MOOREHOUSE kills people at a camp? Come on!

Night Of The Living Dead (The Remake)

I'm actually a fan of George A. Romero's classic zombie flick Night Of The Living Dead. The remake, NOT so much! This "remake" shows why one should sometimes let sleeping dogs-or zombies!-lie!


I admit I'm not the biggest Michael Myers fan myself. I mean, compared to Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees, I think Mike is fairly dull by comparison. (Oh, am I gonna catch hell for saying THAT!)

The Fog

This film, like Halloween, was directed by John Carpenter. I actually like some of John's films but THIS one was NOT one of them. Frankly, I think this film was cheesy even by eighties standards!

Halloween II (Rob Zombie's Director's Cut)

Yet another RZ horror flick/remake, the ending to the director's cut doesn't make much sense to me. First off, Michael Myers gets "unmasked" and shows him as . . . Sabretooth from X-Men?! WTH?!

Seed Of Chucky

Horror flick sequels are usually subpar but THIS Child's Play sequel went BEYOND subpar! This is the one where Chucky & his doll "girlfriend" have a "kid" who looks suspiciously like David Bowie!

April Fool's Day (The Original)

This so-called "horror" flick has the LAMEST ending in the history of horror flicks in that it was ALL a "joke" in that ALL the killings were faked. This marked the end of 80s "slasher" flicks.


Although this film starring Bela Lugosi as Drac is considered a horror "classic" by many, I myself found it rather boring. (Oh, am I gonna catch hell from horror movie "purists" for saying THAT!)

The Bleeding

This vampire "horror" flick stars a Vin Diesel wannabe who makes Vin Diesel look like Laurence Olivier! This film also marks the acting "debut" of noted tattooist/"reality" star Kat Von D. Yeah.

Skeleton Man

This was a B horror movie that was even cheesy by B horror movie standards. Michael Rooker, who starred in this film, actually went on to star in the immensely popular Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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