My "Furious" Opinion: My Thoughts On That Esquire Cover
My "Furious" Opinion: My Thoughts On That Esquire Cover controversial stories

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by tbanarchy The PCers are "outraged"-AGAIN-and expressing said "outrage" on sites like-where else!-Twitter.

My "Furious" Opinion: My Thoughts On That Esquire Cover

by tbanarchy

The PCers are "outraged"-AGAIN-and expressing said "outrage" on sites like-where else!-Twitter.

So what's got their PC panties in a bunch THIS time?

Because otherwise "woke" Esquire magazine dared put a WHITE kid on their cover during Black History Month (since, you know, Esquire has NEVER featured a WHITE guy on their cover during BHM!).

Of course, I'm sure if the cover came out at any OTHER time the PCers would NOT have been "outraged" about it (since, of course, we all know how "reasonable" the PCers are, DON'T we!).

And, of course, many-or most-of the PCers claiming to be "outraged"-AGAIN-by this apparent affront to "wokeness"-which has apparently become its own "religion"-didn't even bother to read the article.

I myself read part of the article since Esquire-since the type in these magazines is becoming more & more miniscule to accommodate MORE damn ads!-is the only magazine I still subscribe to (more on that in a bit).

The kid in the article gets in a "fight" with a girl and doesn't really know what #MeToo is. (Gee, I wonder why they picked THIS kid to do a "story" on!)

The writer of this "woke" article, a Jennifer Percy, has stated how the cover was "misleading" and that her piece was about (my paraphrasing) "educating boys about their inherited white privilege."

So let's get those "reeducation camps" up & running! (George Orwell would be SO proud!)

This coming from a "woke" writer who looks whiter than snow herself along with, of course, many-or most-of the other PCers claiming to be "outraged"-AGAIN-about this "unwoke" piece.

Seriously, I don't know WHY this kid-or anyone else, for that matter-would agree to do a piece like this for a "woke" publication like Esquire. (Of course, I'm sure the "writer" being an attractive WHITE gal had at least SOMETHING to do with his decision!)

This reminds me of the piece Jon Stewart (anyone remember HIM?) did on The Daily Show before he "retired" where a group of Washington Redskins fans discussed their "love" of the controversial football team while-of course!-wearing WR football gear.

Which, of course, they probably purchased from "woke" actress Alyssa Milano's NFL clothing line but I digress!

Anyway, the piece ended with a group of "outraged" Native-American "activists" barged in the room and started berating the Washington Redskins fans for their "unwokeness" while the interviewer looked on with a noticeable "woke" smirk.

Of course, we can't ALL be as "sensitive" to the plight of the Native-American in America as Alyssa "Woke" Milano (who's called NA "Native Indians" herself) but, again, I digress!

Anyway, the moral to THIS story is, if either Esquire or TDS or any other "woke" outfit approaches you to do a "piece" on you, DON'T!

Going back to Esquire, I said earlier how I still subscribed to the magazine. I subscribed to the mag when the mag would put sexy chicks like Scarlett Johansson on their cover and their articles were decidedly not as "woke" as they are now.

In fact, if I knew just how sanctimoniously "woke" that Esquire would become I would have just let my subscription lapse (like I did with Playboy and GQ).

Also, you can just get this shit for free online anyway, so there's THAT.

But I wonder what the PCers "reaction" would have been and if they would have been as "outraged" if Esquire had a cover of a BLACK teen wearing one of THIS guy's hats. (You know, since they claim to be SO "tolerant" and all!)

Of course, we all know that a "woke" magazine like Esquire would NEVER put a WHITE guy on their cover just to sell magazines as they've been accused of doing in THIS case.

Oh, wait, never mind!

BTW, here's a pic of "woke" actress Jennifer Lawrence showing her "talent" in Esquire back in their "non-woke" days. Enjoy!

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