My Childhood Christmases
My Childhood Christmases christmas stories

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My Childhood Christmases

by tbanarchy

It probably goes without saying that Christmases were a bit different when I was growing up in the 70s & 80s-otherwise known as the Dark Ages!-than what they are now.

Every year around Christmas time we would peruse the Sears & Roebuck catalog that came in the mail and mark off what we wanted "Santa" to leave for us under the tree that year.

Of course, we usually didn't get half of what we wanted but it was enough. Most of the toys we had back then were Star Wars and superheroes.

Ironically, kind of like how kids do now except back then kids actually wanted to play with those toys since we didn't have the Internet back then and, if you wanted to play a video game, you actually had to step OUT of your house to do so. (Again, the Dark Ages!)

Anyway, nowadays kids can just make out a "wish list" on Amazon to let "Santa" know what to leave them under the tree.

Speaking of Santa, I myself stopped "believing" in the jolly fat bastard when I got out of things like Star Wars and got more into music. That and I also happened to walk in on my parents early one Christmas morning wrapping my gifts in the living room. Whoops!

Oh, and speaking of Sears & Roebuck, we also-at least the boys did anyway-peruse the bra & panty section of the S & R catalog which back in those days passed for porn when you couldn't find you dad's "secret" stash of Playboy's.

Again, we DIDN'T have Google searches and Pornhub back in THOSE days! (Remember, Dark Ages!) Yes, I was a "naughty" boy even back THEN!

Ah, mammaries, uh, I mean memories!

So have a Merry X-Mas (or is it XXX-Mas?) and have a Happy New Beer, uh, I mean Year, you heathens & pervs!

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