My "Artistic" Career As A Published Author
My "Artistic" Career As A Published Author writing stories

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Here's my-or, rather, Angel Ray's!-Amazon author page:

My "Artistic" Career As A Published Author

by tbanarchy

My first book The Anarchists Convention: The Book For The Non-Conformist-a compilation of "political" essays-was published back in 2001 by a company called Xlibris.

That same year my second book The Violation Of Men-a compilation of short stories-was published by the company Pink Flamingo (yes, that's their REAL name!) under my pen name Angel Ray.

My second book published by Pink Flamingo (no, I'm NOT kidding, that's their name!) Celebrity Perversion was published the following year & also written under Angel Ray.

OK, just a heads-up, my following published books were ALL written under my nom de plume Angel Ray. I'm saying this so I don't have to keep repeating myself (which I just LOVE to do!).

In fact, I often like to say Angel Ray has had a BETTER writing career than yours truly!

Anyway, during this time I had three more books published by Artemis Creations Publishing (which has since gone out of business).

And then all of a sudden I stopped getting my books published in spite of my continued submitting. At one point, I got SO burned out that I stopped submitting altogether for a while.

It was during this time I began reading these sexually-explicit "romance" novels-like the now-defunct Harlequin Blaze-and decided to try to hand at writing-and publishing-these type of books.

My first "erotic" romance book Mr. Innocent was published by fledgling romance company Luminosity Publishing in 2014.

My second book published by Luminosity Publishing was Mama's Boy No More the following year.

Not long after LP began published mostly "gay" romance books-since they said that's what sold the best for them-so I stopped publishing anymore books with them (for now).

Not that I have anything against writing "gay" romance novels, as you're about to see!

During this time, I also published two more "erotic" books by New Concepts Publishing (which have since gone out-of-print).

I also wrote an "erotic" romance book When Lovers Meet that was published by Books To Go Now (which was also the very first romance novel I ever wrote).

My second book published by BTGN was Not That Innocent the following year. (I personally think the female cover model is HOT!)

I also wrote a "lesbian" romance book Mother Figure that was published by Extasy Books and is my favorite out of all the books I've so far had published (and was my last published book).

All of my Angel Ray books-sans all the ones that are out-of-print (including the Pink Flamingo books)-are all listed on my Amazon author page which is linked in the description.

So what is my "goal" with my writing career? To make as MUCH money as those 50 Shades Of Grey books!

What else?

Oh yeah, besides the pieces I post on THIS site I also write (mostly) fanfiction on Wattpad for anyone who is interested.

Which I'm sure are A LOT of you!

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