My Non-PC Thoughts On Captain Marvel
My  Non-PC Thoughts On Captain Marvel superhero stories

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My Non-PC Thoughts On Captain Marvel

by tbanarchy

Say, does anyone remember the time when people would go to see movies strictly for enjoyment and NOT because they wanted to push some "cause" or "political" agenda?

Me neither!

Thanks to the PCers (of course!), EVERY movie that comes out now is a "cause" or "message" movie whether said movie is intended to be or not.

What's perhaps worse is how "woke" filmmakers deliberately interject "causes" or try to push some sort of "political" agenda into their films.

For instance, Black Panther became a "cause" movie and they interjected a "political" agenda with the films Star Wars: The Last Jedi and-of course!-the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters.

And now they've done BOTH with Captain Marvel which, at the time of this writing, just came out in theaters and, of course, made a ton of money at the box office.

The PCers and the "woke" media have been doing victory dances, saying how the "trolls" who dared criticize the film for its "wokeness" have all been soundly defeated.

Never mind the fact that a Marvel superhero flick ALWAYS makes a ton of money at the box office, especially on its opening weekend.

Variety, for instance, posted an article saying how the "success" of Captain Marvel dispels the "myth" that female superhero flicks can't be successful at the all-important box office.

Again, never mind the fact that Wonder Woman-which was a DC flick and not a Marvel one-was a HUGE box office success a few years ago. (And, for the most part, that PC BS was kept out of the movie.)

And then there was, of course, the TV series Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter than ran for about 4 or 5 years. (Of course, I'm sure all the, uh-hum, running Lynda did on the show helped with that show's, uh-hum, popularity!)

Ironically, for all their claims of "supporting" strong waman superheroes in film, the film Wonder Woman was actually ATTACKED by irate PCers.

Actress Gal Gadot-who played WW in the film-reportedly received DEATH THREATS from PCers on social media because she had served in the Israeli army & for comments she reportedly made about the Palestinians.

The character Wonder Woman was also attacked by irate PCers for being too skinny, for not being transgendered and for NOT having-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-hairy armpits.

By contrast, actress Brie Larson-who plays Captain Marvel in the film-has prattled on about "white men movie reviewers" and touted CM as a-you guessed it!-"feminist" film.

Which, of course, probably explains why the "woke" movie site Rotten Tomatoes removed their "Want To See" feature after CM received a low WTS rating.

Kind of like how "woke" Netflix changed their "ratings" system after SO many people gave a lowly one-star rating to Amy Schumer's "comedy" special.

And, of course, I'm sure Fandango-which owns Rotten Tomatoes-having a former Disney executive as their CEO-a Mr. Paul Yanover-had absolutely NOTHING to do with their "decision" to remove said feature. NOTHING!

As for Captain Marvel, I myself have NO plans whatsoever to pay to go see this film. And it's NOT because I have a problem with seeing "strong" waman superheroes in films in spite of what the PCers say.

For the record, I have yet to pay to go see ANY superhero flick-Marvel or otherwise-and I damn sure am NOT going to start with THIS one, especially with ALL the "woke" PC BS surrounding it.

In fact, if memory serves, the last superhero flick I went to see in the movie theater was Superman 3 starring the late Christopher Reeve when I was a kid and I thought THAT movie SUCKED. (Sorry, Chris!)

Not to mention I don't wish to give my "support"-financially or otherwise-to ANYTHING the PCers give their "woke" stamp-of-approval on.

I also DON'T wish to give my money anymore to "woke" Disney after they thoroughly bastardized Star Wars with that godawful-or is it Sithawful?-"woke" The Last Jedi.

Speaking of "strong" female-led films, besides Wonder Woman, the PCers also attacked the film Alita: Battle Angel-which came out a few weeks before CM-because it apparently WASN'T "woke" enough for them.

As for "trolls" going on Rotten Tomatoes to fuck with the ratings for Captain Marvel, the audience score for CM on RT currently holds at 60% while the audience score for Alita is a whopping 94% (which is an even HIGHER score than the last Avengers movie).

So, with THAT in mind, and going by the PCers own, uh-hum, logic, who's REALLY against strong female-led movies? Seriously, these PCers DON'T even buy their OWN "woke" PC bullshit!

Oh yeah, another reason why I don't wish to pay to go see Captain Marvel is because Brie Larson looks bored as hell in this film. Hell, she even looks bored in the movie poster!

Seriously, I've seen Steven Seagal exhibit MORE emotion in HIS films! Maybe Steve would have made a BETTER Captain Marvel (who was initially a male character, BTW)?

Yeah, I know. SEXIST!!!!

In spite of all the PC "feminist" hype surrouding it, Captain Marvel is, at the end of the day, a movie about a chick who can fly (and, from what I've heard about the film, she doesn't even do THAT until towards the end of the flick!).

What's funny about this is-again, despite all the "feminist" hype about this movie-they reportedly had to "hire" a BUTT DOUBLE for Brie Larson since she . . . well, YOU know!

Maybe they should've hired the guy who played Spider-Man to play Brie's booty? No wonder Jonah Jameson wanted Peter Parker-emphasis on peter!-to bring him all those Spidey pics!

"My Spidey sense is tingling!" indeed, amirite, ladies!

In any case, in spite of what the PCers might say (and we all know how much I give a shit about THAT!), I personally DON'T give a flying fuck about Captain Marvel. Flying-get it?

Again, I know. SEXIST!!!!

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