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I say again: I do NOT write sh!t for kids!


by tbanarchy

MISTRESS X & THE GAME is my latest book published by the company Pink Flamingo-yes, that's their actual name!-and written under my pen name Angel Ray.

My other Angel Ray books are "erotic" romances. But there's hardly a thing "romantic" about THIS book. And some might even argue it's hardly "erotic"!

In fact, MISTRESS X & THE GAME is without a doubt the MOST effed up book I've had published thus far!

The "story" is about an older dominatrix who goes by the moniker Mistress X who takes a younger woman she, uh-hum, meets at a BDSM club while she's "disciplining" a man named Kami under her wing.

This book was previously published by a company called New Concepts Publishing. When they discontinued it, I submitted it to Pink Flamingo-who published my first Angel Ray books some years ago-and the rest, as they say, is history.

In fact, I submitted a different version of MXATG to PF some years ago and the head of the company named Lizbeth Dusseau (who writes BDSM-type books herself) declined to publish it even AFTER she told me to "tone it down", if THAT should tell you something.

I, of course, can't go into detail what exactly is in this book-you know, since there's kids and shit on here-except to say that it makes 50 Shades Of Grey read MORE like Dr. effing Seuss!

Which is kind of appropriate since it gives "Hop On Pop" an entirely DIFFERENT meaning! And there's also a scene, uh-hum, involving a giant stuffed panda named Mr. Panda. (Trust me, after reading that, you'll NEVER look at stuffed animals the SAME way again!)

I'd say the book is kind of a throwback to the kinky sex books they published during the 70s like The Enjoyment Of Amy and the books written by Xaviera "The Happy Hooker" Hollander. (Anyone ever read any of THOSE books?)

Of course, there's nothing "illegal" in the book (though some of the things in this book might be borderline "illegal" in SOME states!).

So, for anyone who is, uh-hum, interested, here's the Amazon book link for MISTRESS X & THE GAME: https://www.amazon.com/Mistress-X-Game-Angel-Ray-ebook/dp/B07NDFSD4Z/ref=sr_1_1

And, of course, I'm sure it goes WITHOUT saying that ONLY those 18 or older can read THIS book. (But, then again, that could be said for ALL my books, including the "erotic" romance ones.)

Now, of course, some-or many-might criticize or even condemn me for writing a book like this. But, it's like George Carlin once said, I'm a Sick Evil Fuck and I'm damn proud of it!

Oh, BTW, I picked out the photo for the book cover. (Nice, huh?)

And, while we're at it, here's the cover when New Concepts Publishing published the book (which I didn't pick out, BTW). It's not as "nice" as the Pink Flamingo cover, but I still think it's all right, don't you?

And, for those who would suggest I write MORE like Dr. Seuss, The Good Doctor himself penned a "nudie" picture book in 1939 that definitely WASN'T for kids titled The Seven Lady Godivas.

Also, Dr. Seuss-whose real name was Theodore Seuss Giesel-was reportedly "scared" of children and did not have any of his own (like yours truly!).

Just thought you'd like to know!

Going back to my book MXATG, one of the MOST popular "romance" genres currently on Amazon are "shapesshifter" and "reverse harem" romances.

So, in other words, books about gals doing it with guys who can change into ANIMALS and gals who are into "romantic" gangbangs are the MOST popular, uh-hum, romances among WOMEN.

Hmmm, maybe my book ISN'T so effed up after all!

I know ONE thing: I bet you'll NEVER look at a gal reading her Kindle the SAME way ever again!

Oh, you naughty little vixens, you!

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