May The "Chesty" 4th Be With You!
May The "Chesty" 4th Be With You! star wars stories

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May The "Chesty" 4th Be With You!

by tbanarchy

So May 4th is this big-time celebration for Star Wars fans.

Though I'm sure some-or many-SW fans aren't in the mood for celebrating after the way Disney fucked up the franchise with their ridiculously "woke" SW trilogy but I digress!

Anyway, this May 4th reminded me of this "controversy" that happened some months ago on-where else!-Twitter.

Yeah, I know.

Anyhoo, this particular Twatter "controversy" involved this artist who dared post this well-endowed drawing of the, shall we say, not-so-endowed SW Disney character Rey.

Again, I know.

So, in the spirit of May 4th AND to hopefully "trigger" some "wokesters" on Twatter (which is VERY easy to do!), here are some MORE sexy pics of the character Rey I'm sure will "trigger" said "wokesters" and THEN some!

Well, the ones I could post here anyway (and a couple of them I had to, shall we say, edit!)!


Here is the "offending" pic of "chesty" Rey!

"Slave" Rey!

R2-D2, eat your heart out!

"Lara Croft ain't got shit on me!"

50 Shades Of Rey!

Here's another pic of "chesty" Rey!

The Force is strong with Rey's sweet ass!

This is for you "Reylo" lovers (and is one I had to, shall we say edit!)!

Now THIS is what I call turning to the Dark Side!

BTW, that last pic I used as the cover to my Star Wars fanfic I published on Wattpad called Star Wars: Darker (which is a collection of "reimagined" SW stories).

And, BTW, I marked the fanfic as "mature" since there are a few stories that are, shall we say, NOT for the younger SW fans!

Of course, we all know George Lucas would have NEVER put anything in his Star Wars flicks that would be considered the least bit "mature"!

Oh, wait a sec . . .

Anyway, I put the link to my WP SW fanfic in this piece's description. (I know, shameless self-promotion!)

So what do you think about my "chesty" Rey pics, Han?

Because you know that Han REALLY wanted to hit that in The Force Awakens!

Yeah, I know. SEXIST! Right, Jabba?

May the 4th be with you, you "geeky" pervs!

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