Lock Up Your Daughters! John Mayer Is Coming To Town!
Lock Up Your Daughters! John Mayer Is Coming To Town! john mayer stories

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Seriously, some people have no SHAME. (Like, of course, yours truly!)

Lock Up Your Daughters! John Mayer Is Coming To Town!

No, seriously, lock up your daughters since John Mayer is coming to town!

Or, better yet, just get them out of town altogether until John Mayer leaves town altogether!

by tbanarchy

Honestly, there's NOT a lot that truly shocks me anymore but, I swear, when I read how singer John Mayer lectured the audience during one of his concerts about so-called "toxic masculinity" my jaw honestly dropped to the floor!

Seriously, this is the SAME asshole who not that long ago told Playboy magazine how he had a, and I quote, "David Duke dick" when asked if he slept with black women.

David Duke, for those who don't know who he is, was once the head of the KKK. (And, no, I don't mean Kooks Kan Kook!)

He also in the SAME interview how he was a bit of a "white supremacist" AND used "the N word" (of which, to be fair, he did "apologize" for, at least for saying "the N word").

Not only that, but at least half of his songs are about him bragging how much "strange" he gets on a regular basis and how he's bumped uglies with celebrities like Katy Perry.

I mean, he devoted an ENTIRE song-one of his BIGGEST hits, BTW-on how much he LOVES his then-girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt's humongous ta-tas!

And now THIS dickhead (pardon the pun!) wants to lecture the REST of us "toxic" men on how to properly treat waman.

Frankly, I need "advice" on how to properly treat women from the douchebag likes of John Mayer like I need pet care advice from Michael Vick! (Too soon?)

Again, to be fair, Mayer hasn't been accused of sexual abuse and/or harassment (yet!).

Not like OTHER famous "male feminists" who've lectured men on how to properly treat the ladies like Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K. and Tom Arnold (yes, THE Tom Arnold!).

But, there again, I definitely do NOT need a lecture on how to be a "proper gentlement" from the SAME guy who once sang a "love" song to his girlfriend's ta-tas. Literally!

This all reminds me of the time this boy in high school named Rusty walked up to me before class one day and said I smelled like pot.

I looked at him, grinned my snarky grin and said, "Yeah, I took a fuckin' pot bath this morning!"

Rusty laughed and started to walk back to his seat. Then, all of a sudden, he stopped, turned around and walked back up to my seat. He then glared down at me and said, "Tony, I like you, but I never want to hear you talk like THAT in front of these girls ever again!"

Dumbfounded, I gazed back up at him and said, "What?" He reiterated how he NEVER wanted me to use "the F word" in front of the "ladies" in class ever again. He then fake-stomped back to his desk and sat down.

Everyone was looking at Rusty at this point and asked him what I had said. Rusty kindly responded by saying, having his John Mayer moment, "I respect women!" Never mind the fact Rusty had laughed his ass off at what I said AND he talked "sexist" shit about girls all the time.

Again, not unlke THIS proud "male feminist"! Another one of Mayer's big hit songs is called "Daughters". If I had a daughter, I would tell her if she EVER encounters a "male feminist" like John Mayer: RUN!!!!

It's like that Jeremy from Geeks & Gamers on YouTube has said, Never trust a "male feminist"!

Right, Al?

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