How I "Feel" About "Adult" Film Star Asa Akira
How I "Feel" About "Adult" Film Star Asa Akira adult stories

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How I "Feel" About "Adult" Film Star Asa Akira

by tbanarchy

I was recently "followed" on Twitter by noted "adult" film star Asa Akira whom I've, of course, posted about at least once or twice before.

Asa liked my tweets regarding the "hypocrisy" of that Seth MacFarlane taking potshots at Melania Trump for having posed nude as a model on the "Trump" episode of his show Family Guy while he had Asa Akira on FG.

She also sent me a DM telling me how she hoped I would continue to, uh-hum, support her.

After Asa "followed" me, I "followed" her right back. And THEN she "unfollowed" me after she "unliked" my tweets and she even deleted her DM to me asking for my continued, uh-hum, support of her.

I guess she took a gander at some of my other tweets and decided they weren't to her liking. Keep in mind that Asa "followed" me on Twatter before I "followed" her.

Quite frankly, I didn't think someone who got DP'ed on-camera for a living would get "offended" by much. And, no, I am NOT "slut-shaming" her for doing that since I don't want to be accused of being a hypocrite like Seth "Family Guy" MacFarlane.

Hey, unlike Seth, if a woman chooses to make her living getting DP'ed on-camera and/or posing nude, then I'm ALL for it! Also, for those of you who DON'T know what DP means, look it up on Urban Dictionary. (If you DARE!)

This wasn't the first time that an "adult" film star "followed" and then "unfollowed" me on Twitter as Asa's fellow "adult" film star Mercedes Carrera did the same. (And, yes, I still, uh-hum, support Mercedes too!)

I know it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things for someone to "unfollow" you, "adult" film star on no, on a social media site like Twitter. I just find it rather annoying when someone acts this way towards me either on so-called social media on in real life.

It's kind of like how some women I've dealt with in real life act as sweet as pie to me one minute and the very next minute they act like they want to tear me a new one. (And not in the GOOD way!)

Seriously, ladies, that's REALLY fucking annoying! (Yeah, I know. SEXIST!!!!)

So am I still going to, uh-hum, support Asa Akira after all of this? Of course! Though, to be brutally honest, so far I've only bought one video of hers titled I Am Asa Akira back when I was still paying for porn. (Thanks, Pornhub!)

Now I know there are some-or many-who would take "issue" with and/or be "offended" by some-or many-of the things I've posted in this piece.

To which I would suggest that if you're THAT "offended" you can do what Asa-and let's NOT forget Mercedes!-have done and hit that "unfollow" button, you know what I mean?

Happy DP'ing!

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