An Ode To Jennifer Love Hewitt (& Her, Uh-Hum, Talents!)
An Ode To Jennifer Love Hewitt (& Her, Uh-Hum, Talents!) sexy stories

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Any other Jennifer Love Hewitt "fans" out there?

An Ode To Jennifer Love Hewitt (& Her, Uh-Hum, Talents!)

by tbanarchy

Jennifer Love Hewitt was at one time one of the most popular-and prolific-actresses around, having starred in TV shows, movies & she's even had a musical career at one point.

She got her start as a child actor in shows like Party Of Five & went on to more adult TV fare like Ghost Whisperer & Criminal Minds.

And, oh yeah, there was the VERY "adult" The Client List. You remember The Client List, DON'T you? (You pervs!)

She starred in movies such as the popular horror I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise (of which Jennifer once joked how it was also called "I Know What Your Breasts Did Last Summer!").

Which, of course, brings me to my next point as to why there is, of course, another reason why Jennifer has been so, uh-hum, popular over the years.

Well, TWO "reasons" actually! And I'll give you TWO guesses as to what those "reasons" are!

And, before anyone calls me "sexist" for saying that, Jennifer herself has boasted how her breasts have "helped" her career.

She even once tried to have them "insured" for $5 million the way Dolly Parton once did with her, uh, talents!

Besides the obvious reasons, there's another reason why I like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Jennifer, unlike OTHER celebrities, is NOT known for constantly espousing her "political" views.

And, yeah, I'm looking at YOU, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lena Dunham AND Alyssa Milano! (Seriously, have YOU seen Alyssa's Twitter page?!)

I mean, have ANY of these women been, uh-hum, featured in their own underwear ads? I don't think so!

Another reason why I like Jennifer is that she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously & is not afraid to play around with her image.

Anyway, though she doesn't seem to do as much acting nowadays, I still regard Jennifer as not only one of my favorite actresses but one of my favorite celebrities as well.

And, yes, that includes her breasts! (Yeah, I know, I'm a perv!)

Anyway, here's another peek at Jennifer!

And another one!

And, what the hell, here's another one!

And here's another one for posterity!

I could go one but I believe you get the picture, DON'T you? (You pervs!)

The End!

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