An Ode To Barbra Steisand's "Superman"
An Ode To Barbra Steisand's "Superman" sexy stories

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Does anyone still give a sh!t about Barbra "BS" Stresiand?

An Ode To Barbra Steisand's "Superman"

by tbanarchy

I am not what you'd call a big fan of "legendary" artist Barbra Steisand.

As a matter of fact, if Babs wouldn't be in my top ten of my least favorite celebrities of all-time she'd at least be in my top twenty.

I mean, this woman was a sanctimonious PC "virtue-signaler" LONG before being a sanctimonious PC "virtue-signaler" became, uh-hum, cool.

One of the only things she's done that I even remotely "like" is her movie "The Prince Of Tides" and that's only because it starred George Carlin (one of the few times he actually WASN'T trying to be funny).

Another thing by Babs that I "like" is her album "Superman". And I'm NOT talking about the songs on the album-which I think SUCK-but rather the cover.

I've posted about this already, but the reason why I "like" her on the album cover is because she looks like the girl I lost my virginity to when I was 17. (Ah, memories!)

I first saw the album in a thrift store some years ago and I was so enamored with it I bought it even though I wasn't a fan of BS. I think I paid a buck for it.

I did honestly try to listen to the album but, like I said, I thought the songs all SUCKED. For instance, here are some of the lyrics to the title track:

"Baby I can fly like a bird When you touch me with your eyes Flying through the sky I've never felt the same But I am not a bird And I am not a plane I'm superman"

Yeah, I know. CRINGE ALERT!!!!

But, apparently, somebody liked the record as it went double platinum when it was released back in 1977-meaning that it sold two MILLION copies-and it had one or two top ten singles. Go figure!

Oh, I also liked the South Park episode that featured Barbra Streisand that Babs, of course, had NOTHING to do with (for obvious reasons!)!

I also thought Babs looked kind of-dare I say it!-sexy on the cover of her album "Wet" that was released a couple of years after "Superman".

That album also features the ONLY song by BS that I "like" at all called "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough" which is a duet Babs did with then-popular disco singer Donna Summer.

The album also features a cover of the song-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-"Splish Splash" because the album was apparently a "concept" album about-and, again, I'm NOT making this up!-water. (Wet-get it?)

Which, to me, was like having soft rock band Toad The Wet Sprocket do a cover version of the rock classic "Rock & Roll All Nite" on a tribute album to KISS.


I'll say one other "positive" thing about Barbra Streisand: At least Babs has got a nice ass (at least on her "Superman" cover)!

And, for anyone who'd call me "sexist" for saying THAT, here's Superman's ass.

It looks like the Man Of Steel has got Buns Of Steel, amirite, ladies!

Oh yeah, Barbra Streisand-who claims to be a "feminist"-posed on the cover of the October 1977 issue of-what else!-Playboy.

Nice legs, Babs!

And dig THIS actual photo of Barbra!

And how about THIS pic of BS!

Gee, Babs, I didn't know you had it in you!

Yeah, yeah, I know!

And, lastly, does anyone else find it ironic that Barbra Streisand's initials are BS or is it just me?

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