A Short (& Dirty!) Cloud Story
A Short (& Dirty!) Cloud Story clouds stories

tbanarchy Sometimes serious, mostly snarky author.
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Big fluffy effing clouds!

A Short (& Dirty!) Cloud Story

by tbanarchy

The clouds were all hanging in the sky . . .

Like a bunch of big-ass gorilla turds.

Or like giant ropes of semen like the kind you see in one of these Japanese "bukkake" videos.

You know, the kind of videos where you have to delete your browsing history immediately after you, uh-hum, watch them.

Because if you don't and your girlfriend and/or your wife finds them she'll tell you and everyone else she knows just what a disgusting little pervert you are.

Even though she, uh-hum, reads werewolf porn all the time on her Kindle (and, yes, there IS such a thing!).

And, while we're at it, we know you're NOT watching those Magic Mike films because you, uh-hum, enjoy the plot.

Seriously, ladies, you're NOT fooling anyone!


The End

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