A High School Memory Involving "Cherries"
A High School Memory Involving "Cherries"  cherries stories

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Cherries, cherries & MORE cherries!

A High School Memory Involving "Cherries"

by tbanarchy

One year when I was in high school-it was either 11th or 12th grade-the yearbook staff passed out a questionnaire asking everyone what they would like to see more of in the annual.

A friend of mine named Todd who was on the yearbook staff that year-he was one of two guys on the staff, as I recall-told me one guy had put on the questionnaire they wanted to see the following:

"Cherries, cherries & more cherries."

And, of course, when this guy said that he wanted to see "cherries" he did NOT mean the kind you find in cherry cheesecake, if you know what I mean!

Todd told me it was all he could do to keep from laughing his ass off when all the girls in the class, including the teacher, were racking their brains trying to figure out what exactly he meant by wanting to see more "cherries".

Like I posted before, this was years before the Internet when one could look this stuff up on sites like Urban Dictionary (and Todd DIDN'T bother to, shall we say, enlighten them on what this guy TRULY meant).

So the yearbook staff ended up putting a picture of a jar of actual cherries with the caption saying they hope these were the type of "cherries" this dude wanted to see.

"These aren't the cherries you're looking for!"

Anyway, I've got another story about the yearbook staff at my high school that doesn't involve double entendres.

Another year the members of the yearbook staff got me out of one of my classes, saying they wanted to take some pictures s of me to put in a "music" section they were planning to put in the yearbook that year.

Of course, everyone pretty much knew by then that I was heavy into music, especially heavy metal (heavy; get it?), and that I played the gee-tar.

However, instead of taking me to my house, they instead took me to the house of one of the yearbook staff members named Bill. (Todd wasn't on the yearbook staff that year, dammit!)

They ended up taking pictures of me while looking at Bill's record collection in his room. Personally, I thought the whole scene was kind of surreal but I went along with it just the same.

When the yearbook came out later on that year, they indeed included a "music" section and, yes, they also had one of the MANY pictures they took of me looking at Bill's records.

The trouble was, they put in the caption that I was in MY room looking at MY records. In other words, they LIED. Besides, Bill had records in his collection I would have NEVER had in mine such as Barbara Mandrell and Olivia Newton John.

I remember talking about this over the phone one day with a friend of mine named Eric and he said, "Do you know why they didn't take you to your house and take pictures of you looking at your records or of you with your guitar?"

When I asked him why (though I already had a fairly good idea), he told me how they were likely afraid I would "sacrifice" them or something since, like I also posted before, there was a rumor going around about me saying that I was a-you guessed it!-devil worshiper.

You know, it's probably shit like THIS is why I've never been "invited" to attend one of my high school reunions.

You think?

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