A Few Of The Most Politically Incorrect Films Of All-Time (TRIGGER WARNING: This list is non-PC!)
A Few Of The Most Politically Incorrect Films Of All-Time (TRIGGER WARNING: This list is non-PC!) movies stories

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I think it's safe (space?) to assume that we live in politically correct times. And it seems like nothing is MORE politically correct nowadays than so-called pop culture, including (and especially) in the movies. So that's why I decided to list a few of the BIGGEST non-politically correct films ever made, many-or most-of which definitely WOULDN'T get the greenlight today. (Hey, I'm just THAT kind of non-PC guy!)

A Few Of The Most Politically Incorrect Films Of All-Time (TRIGGER WARNING: This list is non-PC!)

by tbanarchy


The granddaddy of politically incorrect films, there would be NO way in PC hell that THIS film-directed by comedy legend Mel Brooks-would be released today! (Now pardon me while I whip THIS out!)


This film about two trailer park families who compete for the MOST trashiest was SO non-PC one family who saw it actually called the cops on director John Waters. Must've been the "dog" scene!


"Muppets on acid!" is how film critics described THIS puppet film directed by Peter "Lord Of The Rings" Jackson. Actually, I don't think The Muppets would act THIS effed up if they WERE on acid!


This is one of the more recent movies on this list and how in the PC hell it got made in THIS day & age is beyond me! For one, it shows Robert Downey Jr. (yes, Iron Man!) dressed in BLACKFACE!


A film about amorous teenaged friends in the fifties who seek to "lose it" at the local brothel named Porky's, this is yet another movie that would NOT pass PC muster today. Oh yeah, Lassie!


Another more recent film on this list, it stars Billy Bob Thornton playing a thief masquerading as a mall Santa who befriends a "plus-sized" boy. Miracle On 34th Street this is definitely NOT!


Ted is about a teddy bear who miraculously comes to life & ends up becoming a drunken, foul-mouthed, horny "person" who's anything BUT cute & cuddly! Of course, it WAS made by the Family Guy guy!


One of the areas of pop culture that's been hit hardest by the PC craze is comedy. So THIS concert film by comic Eddie Murphy at the height of his fame would send PCers into a massive coronary!

CHEECH & CHONG (any film)

Yeah, ANY film about two Hispanic guys who spend their EVERY waking moment getting stoned would be a BIG hit with the PC crowd today. Oh yeah, in one film Cheech & Chong play non-PC Arabs. Yeah.


A film about a canoe trip that goes HORRIBLY wrong, this is the film famed actor Ned Beatty will NEVER live down! After watching THIS film I swear you will NEVER look at pigs the SAME way again!


Before the Book Of Mormon there was Orgazmo. Put out by the South Park guys, this film is about a Mormon from Utah who goes to LA & becomes a porn star superhero. Don't get more non-PC than THAT!

JAMES BOND (pre-Daniel Craig)

If you want to see how PC films have gotten look no further than Daniel Craig's more PC take on James Bond. Frankly, I prefer the womanizing, smartass, cold-blooded murdering James Bond myself!


The Human Centipede is about . . . well, I'm not even sure I can tell you what the film is about here. Let's just say it gives a whole NEW meaning to the phrase "press the flesh", OK? OK!

JAY & SILENT BOB (any film)

You know ANY film featuring the "stoner" characters Jay & Silent Bob-even the "animated" ones (& there are a few!)-is going to be as politically incorrect as FUCK, as they would likely put it!


We live in a time where even sex is politically correct. So that may help to explain the "popularity" of Fifty Shades Of Grey (and especially the book the movie was based on). Red Room, anyone?


Former teenybopper star Elizabeth Berkley showed everything-and I mean EVERYTHING!-she had in THIS controversial flick from the nineties. It almost (almost!) made 50 Shades look like high art!


Deadpool made a shitload of money in spite of the fact it was an R-rated superhero flick about a murderous, foul-mouthed, politically incorrect ugly-as-shit pseudo-superhero. Superman it WASN'T!


Perhaps the MOST non-PC film on this list, this film shows celebs such as Penn Jillette & Bob Saget (yep, the Full House guy!) telling their version of what's perhaps the MOST non-PC "joke" EVER!

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