A Childhood Memory Involving AC/DC
A Childhood Memory Involving AC/DC school stories

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A Childhood Memory Involving AC/DC

by tbanarchy

When I was in sixth grade, the teacher had the class put on these kind of one-act plays where everyone would play a different character.

For instance, one kid "played" a biker and another kid "played" Dolly Parton (and even came to school dressed in drag as Dolly, stuffed bra and all!).

At first, I wanted to "play" rocker Ted Nugent. But the teacher made it clear she did NOT like THAT idea. (She was not a "Cat Scratch Fever" fan apparently!)

So instead I chose to "play" a generic rock singer. The teacher still didn't appear to fully approve of that choice but she allowed it.

On the day of our performances, many of the students came dressed up as their characters. (Remember the Dolly Parton guy?) I, on the other hand, came wearing an REO Speedwagon concert shirt my sister gave to me.

The teacher had the students listed in the order she wanted them to perform. I, it probably comes as NO surprise, was dead last. Oh well!

I was initially going to lip-synch an AC/DC song from their "live" album "If You Want Blood You Got it" which I brought to school with me. But during lunch I had a change of heart and decided to instead "sing" their song "T.N.T." since I knew the words.

Everyone performed for the other two sixth grade classes. One of my fellow classmates introduced me-I don't recall who it was-and I walked in.

Keep in mind I hadn't practiced performing my "act" save for making sure I remembered all the words to the song (or at least enough of them!).

Regardless, I stepped into the classroom, stood before the entire class & proceeded to "sing" the song "T.N.T." by AC/DC. (Well, looking back, I think I more "rapped" it than anything!)

Much to my astonishment, people-or most of them anyway-actually seemed to enjoy my little rendition. Some laughed, some cheered, some did both while others, of course, just looked at me like I was batshit crazy (which I probably WAS!).

At the end of my performance, the class erupted into applause that you could hear all the way down the hall. Some of my fellow classmates seemed genuinely surprised by the reaction as some came up to me and asked, "What did you do?"

When I told them all I had done was "sing" a song by AC/DC, they appeared even MORE astonished. Anyway, I performed for the next sixth grade class and got pretty much the same reaction. Hell, even the teacher seemed surprised!

I walked back into class while someone else was performing and sat down at my desk. After their performance, the teacher stood up and, even though I was dead last on her list, she smiled and invited me to come up and perform, which I happily did.

I probably got my BEST reaction from my fellow classmates. Which would later turn out to be a double-edged sword since even all through high school students would come up to me and shout, 'T.N.T.!" Again, oh well!

Anyway, for those of you who have never heard the song, here is the chorus just to give you some idea of what the song is like (and why people had such a reaction when I "sang" it):

"I'm T.N.T. I'm dynamite! T.N.T. And I'll win the fight! T.N.T. I'm a power load! T.N.T. Watch me explode!"

I ended up getting an A plus for my performance, which, I don't mean to brag, but it was higher than anyone else got in the whole class, including the others who dressed up (and, yes, that includes the Dolly Parton guy!).

The only thing that marred this day for me is that one bully named David-who looked like the spitting image of the bully Nelson on The Simpsons-bullied me during lunch that day (and I caught him giving me the stink eye during my performance in his class).

However, David got arrested during my senior year after he dropped out of school and robbed some convenience stores in the area and got convicted and sentenced.

Again, it probably goes without saying how I really hope the useless bastard dropped the soap, if you know what I mean!

Anyway, going back to my performance, looking back it was probably a good idea that I chose the song "T.N.T." and not some OTHER song by AC/DC like, say, "Big Balls" or "She's Got Balls"!

BTW, the song "She's Got Balls" is on the SAME album as the song "T.N.T." by AC/DC called "High Voltage" which is also the very first AC/DC album I ever bought (back when, of course, albums were STILL all the rage!). Just thought you'd like to know!

R.I.P. Malcolm Young & Bon Scott!

The End!

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