The shocking impression
The shocking impression poetryslam stories

tarekkasperAnother lost kid looking for his soul
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this is something i wrote when i started thinking about the purpose of life the goal ...people without a goal is like a brainless human
hope you like it guys enjoy
P.s... i wrote it with my cousin and my best friend @samimsalem

The shocking impression

by tarekkasper and samimsalem

it's that time when you feel high when you start doubting yourself

The moment you feel free like a butterfly and surrounded with guns in the same time

When you finally realize that this whole life is just a lie and all our lives ends with ...why? when all good friends die

And you realize there is nobody on you can rely and you remember all the mistakes you can't deny

It's not a secret anymore so you won't feel the weight on your shoulders and you would feel like you have crossed the borders when you know that your life is a forger

And the sound of angels singing is getting louder when everything seems not like your plan and the only thing you can feel is pain

when you are tired of the same thing repeating again and again and you never felt so bad

When you always give never gain And you feel your goodness drain So the only way to survive is to turn evil or insane

you wouldn't think about the consequences And what part of people it influences Makes you go in a loop and your heart in a second drop -off

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