My life in the other side
My life in the other side poetryslam stories

tarekkasperAnother lost kid looking for his soul
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this poem is about being confused... alone....and cocky in the same time... cause i can't tell if it's real or fake...everyone is looking to kill me but non of them can...enjoy ^_^

My life in the other side

by tarekkasper

Angels flying around Devils screaming loud worried about my silence

Demons are willing to hear The precise news of my death Precise news of the end the revenge

I can't deny it anymore that I can't fight no more Am I a psycho ?Or I'm too old to believe? Am I a retired soldier in the middle of the valley of death? Or just another child away from home?

All demons want to take my life even in the other side Am I really going to wake up from this nightmare? Or I'm going to stay stuck in this fairy tale?

I dare Nobody can reach me Not the strongest nor the wisest Trust me I DON'T CARE I'm already dead you can't kill a dead man I'm a ghost, like if i don't even exist

Even if you were the creepiest Your legs gonna shake your brain won't tell if it's real or fake when you hear the name of "Me"

You want to be the best? then you have beat the beast and that's "Me" -off

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