Running From My Dreams.
Running From My Dreams. stories

tanyahasijaI've created some stuff... (◡‿◡✿)
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Depressing and inspiring at the same time. Yes, that's how I'm gonna describe this one. Writing poems is generally how I cope with stuff so when I hit the academical rock bottom that's how I inspired myself. Kinda. Tried to. Do give it a read and leave precious reviews! :D Ciao!

Running From My Dreams.

by tanyahasija

I'm gonna lock up my dreams in a box,

Away from the sunlight, Away from the rain, Away from my heart, Away from my brain.

Away from my family, Away from my friends.

I'm gonna bury them into deep sands.

Maybe I'm gonna throw them in the trash,

Or burn them up in fire and turn them into ash.

I'll try to hide them forever, From my every acquaintance.

For them to be real, There ain't no chance.

I'll keep running from my dreams, They'll never come true.

I look at myself in the mirror, And say - "The reason is you."

You can't let your dreams to be chased, For you, all the reasons have been erased. Break the ice between you and your soul, Inspire it to be not afraid to fall.

Ignite that spark in you, Let it shine through your veins.

Hold yourself together, Let it be the message to the main.

The fear inside you is holding you back,

Just let it go , or you'll go back to black.

Chasing your dreams should be the reason of your living,

And to do so all you need is - impulsive believing.

So what're you waiting for? Get back in the stream.

All I know is, You're living on your dreams.

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