Fragrance of the Past
Fragrance of the Past world record poetry stories

tanyahasija I've created some stuff... (◡‿◡✿)
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A short poem about failed friendships and finally deciding to give up on them altogether.

Fragrance of the Past

These petals still hold the fragrance of the past, Thought it'd be forever but it didn't last.

I follow back the smell, To figure out where it went wrong, Not sure what it tells, I don't understand its song.

Maybe it was always meant to be this way, Flowers are supposed to wilt, The foundations gave away, On which we were built.

And by this time I should've become habitual, Losing the petals from the wilting flower is perpetual.

So I'm gonna do what I do best, Use my mishaps as my muse,

And for a while I must give it a rest, Chasing after these pollens is of no use.

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