Where are you..???
Where are you..??? sunshine stories

tangledd Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   7 months ago
You presence makes me feel warm !!!

Where are you..???

I know i was harsh on you last night. I shouldn't have hurt your heart. Now, I'm sitting over the bench outside your house in the hope that you will see me through the window.

But... where are you??? The light of your room is been switched off since night. Please, talk to me.

See, I brought your favourite icecream with me with extra chocochips on it. If you'll not come, I'll finish it alone and will laugh at you😅😅

Ohk, I will not talk to that girl from now on. That was just a prank baby. Now, it's been too long and i am missing you a lot. YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE and far from you will make me cold.

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