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by tamaradawn

Dear world, it's me, the one here in the corner I'm small and I'm quiet in this fish bowl

I used to try to blend in and go unnoticed But here I am, screaming loudly from my giant soul

There were simpler times when there was no worry I could laugh and play and sleep so sound

Now I look at this world around me Fearing before I can come up I'll drown

What happened to laughter, what happened to hope? Where did all the dreams and kindness go?

Were they shipped off in nicely wrapped boxes Replaced now with the doubt we know?

Dear world can you hear me? I'm screaming loud for all to hear

It takes a village to make a difference It takes an army to march out fear

In the horizon I can see a clearing Pink skies stained with good intentions

At night I can hear the whispers Human souls performing interventions

A change is coming and we're ready We needed this darkness to learn our fight

I am small but I am ready To help you world and make this right.

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