3 AM thoughts about God
3 AM thoughts about God don't @ me stories

tamaracriesOld, ex emo kid struggling to adult.
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My thoughts about God. This is what happens when I can't sleep and it's 3 AM

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3 AM thoughts about God

I was commuting to school one morning and a young teenage girl came up to me.

I knew she was a teenager because she looked young and also had a self confidence that screamed, "“My generation is going to change the world!

"” I remember feeling the same way when I was seventeen, but then I entered college and cried almost every single day for four years. Anyway, this girl comes up to me.

She says, "“Excuse me, do you have a moment to speak about God? I’m with my church’s youth group and we’re currently trying to recruit as many people as we can.”"

I replied with, "“Sorry I’m not religious.”"

She then looks me in the eye and says, "Well y’'know Armageddon will happen, the world will end, and God is going to damn your soul to hell."

” All I could remember thinking is, “It’s seven in the morning. It is too early for god to be damming any souls.

” The first conversation of the day and I was told that there will be an apocalypse and I will be spending my eternity in hell.

So it was a typical Monday morning for me.

I don’t think god damns people to hell. I think humans are too complex to separate them into two categories. You’’re either good or evil and if god does do that then I think he’s pretty lazy.

Maybe he hates his job. Maybe she hates her job because she gets paid 70 cents for every dollar that son of a bitch Satan makes. God is probably just as bored as we are at work.

He probably has three piles. A going to hell pile, a your soul will be in limbo pile, and a congratulations you’’re going to heaven pile.

First off if you’ are not baptized you’ are going to hell. You'’re automatically denied entrance to heaven.

If you are baptized and you'’re just a shitty person then you just get to hang out in purgatory.

Like maybe you were envious your whole life, maybe you cheated on your wife, maybe you killed your wife who knows? I don’t think purgatory is as bad Catholics make it out to be.

I know it’'s this process of purifying the soul before he accepts your application to heaven, but I just feel like you don’t have to go through fire in order to get to heaven.

I feel like god just makes you do chores he doesn't’ want to do.

"“Hey god I washed your car, do you think you can let me go to heaven now? I even cleaned the interior.”"

“"Uhh yeah sure, just go to the reception desk, Karen should see your name on the list, and she’'ll let you in.”"

If you are one of the lucky ones who followed all of his rules, then I really have to say, God Bless You. You probably deserve a peaceful eternity, if y’know heaven exists.

It would really suck if you did all that work for nothing.

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