Goals: What If I Told You...
Goals: What If I Told You... goals stories

taiga17. London. Just trying to get by.
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Goals: What If I Told You...

by taiga

If I said my goal was to have one what would you say? if i said my mornings were absent with motivation to achieve, what would you do? if I were to ask you to give me a goal, what would you give?

Im not envious of the riches of others, nor am i envious of their fame What I want cannot be handed to me by the hands of others, but should be found through my eyes only

I’ve spent over 7 years in education leaving with vast information yet one thing i left without knowing, is how it feels to be driven to achieve

I've lived my days aimlessly trying to find a goal and I still live cluelessly now And as the time passes, I grow more envious of those who know which path is theirs to take

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