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There will always be a problem bigger than ours


by tabnash24

Every night, I sit in a corner

and recall all the events throughout the day long.

Once again trying to contemplate

where did I go wrong.

With loud music in my earphones on,

I try to communicate with my inside storm,

all in just one hope of a tear or two to fall.

Regretting how all my lies built and faced downfall,

I start to worry about what hazard next I am to cause.

Confused are my thoughts,

whether to trust again or not.

Seeing some important souls tremble,

my heart is again afraid and lost.

Tired with those thoughts,

I finally close my eyes and put everything to hault.

Don't know if my problems are ever meant to be solved

but then I recollect how some families are still getting lost.

Letting the inside have a doze of another numb shot,

again at dawn,

I fall prey to the sleep like alcohol.

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