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tabnash24You'll know me as you read ;)
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It's actually based on a friend's dream, he asked me to draw a narrative conclusion out of it.
Hope I succeeded?

BTW I'm not from the Philippines so if I went somewhere wrong with the meanings then please let me know. :)


by tabnash24

There I stood in the land of wonder,

which seemed to me like a plain horror.

Saw my loved ones been attacked,

by those whom my mind couldn't contact.

Helpless there I stood,

for I was less in number.

Yet seeing my mother in danger,

I knew that it's enough of what else I'll remember.

Ran hither and thither,

to get help for stopping the terror.

Though on receiving some aid,

I was shocked to not even find a single head.

Went to the longevous, "Aling Nene ",

[Aling = It's like an aunt in Filipino, popularly used to refer an older woman with respect And, Nene = It's the name of a lady ]

to complain about the unpleasant array.

But on speaking, she seemed to despise my kin,

called me names without it being my sin.

I had no more time to waste,

for I wanted to see my "Pamilya" in haste.

[Pamilya =Used popularly for 'Family' by the people of the Philippines]

Checked the visual proof,

yet failed to find anything worth under that roof.

Now was the time when my fire raged,

I killed each and every guilty that I wanted to be caged.

Proved myself innocent of the felony,

even killed that Nene, the old lady.

Soon enough I saw people cheer for my win,

and felt as if I was some king.

Though in the end, I was left in confusion,

for that crowd had even my lost generation.

There, once again I stood in horror,

for I had killed many in that terror.

Didn't realize that the old Nene was right,

and everything I saw was just an 'oversight'.

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