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tabnash24I try.
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It was after writing this poem, I was finally able to get over my grandpa's loss.
Thought I should share it with you guys. :)

May his soul rest in peace.


by tabnash24

There lived a man whom I once called Nana,

[Nana = Grandfather in certain dialects ]

and let me you that he was a person like no other.

Been kind to people who showed him even slight iniquity,

for he knew there's a story behind every guilty.

Among these qualities he held within,

had a heart which even loved animals like his own kin.

Few may know about his existence,

but whoever did, couldn't help but admire his presence.

He maybe an ordinary to many

but was very special to some, at least to me.

He was also the reason why I wanted to touch the sky,

for his expectations from me were quite high.

Today he is the one who lies still,

makes no sound like a bagatelle.

He's again the same person who once made me smile,

but seeing him like this today I have tears in my eye.

Though now when I see people cry while bidding him goodbye,

all I can do is be grateful to him for being

an important part whenever I needed a 'stand by'.

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