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tabnash24I try.
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Even after so many years, we still don't have any idea about it. 😂


by tabnash24

Once I flew to an aunt in a far away land,

where every kid on Halloween was a 'trick or treat' fan.

Cousins took me to participate in that trend,

by knocking at neighbors who'd fill those tiny bags in our hands.

Satisfied were we until we reached our last stand,

where the door wouldn't open no matter how many times we demand.

Surprised were we when couldn't get a response,

thought people behind the door must be in a state of somnolence.

Banged the door just to make sure before we retreat,

but to our surprise the door opened in a dark concrete.

Couldn't understand what did we just see,

that's why closed the door and simply got ready to leave.

Though before we could leave without our treat,

saw the family of the house entering after unlocking the door with a key.

Right then my cousins and I shared a look which left us all to freak,

wondering if the door opened 'cause of our deed or was it really some spooky spirit's treat.

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