Titles Oversimplify and Love is Hard to Quantify
Titles Oversimplify and Love is Hard to Quantify love2016 stories

sydneyehukaimy words are more me than i'll ever be.
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Titles Oversimplify and Love is Hard to Quantify

by sydneyehukai

Once upon a time,

love was still an idea. It didn't hurt . It wasn't scary. It wasn't real. When you don't know what something feels like, it can be anything you want it to be. That was me. Before you.

Then there you were.

My world standing before me. My first moment of clarity, in the blur of pure chaos. And I got lost in you. If there's a map that comes with falling in love, I'm certain no one shared it with me.

Blindly, I walked into the abyss.

Each kiss, pulled me a few steps further. Earth wasn't round, it the was the silhouette of our bodies entwined. Mindlessly, I lost myself in you, no clue that I'd have to find myself soon. Alone.

I was catapulted into a twilight zone.

This couldn't possibly be real. Why should I get to feel such bliss just to so soon be forced to kiss it goodbye? We defied gravity, then you shattered me, in the blink of an eye.

Now here I find myself,

picking up the pieces of a broken heart. Starting to see the reality of love and who we are. Our spirits tied, we fly through life. Heaven, hell , and here. Love can't be lost. Merely changed.

It's now becoming clear. As each moment passes I know that

if it's true, love can defy all. Just as likely, you can fall into it, and walk away with nothing but scrapes and bruises. But you only lose if you choose to play the victim, not the victor.

Cliches are hard to avoid when quantifying love.

You'll find them amongst these words and most others that try to explain the unexplainable. Yet fables hold lessons, poems offer expressions, every phrase helps us gaze into ourselves.

I hope these words find you well, or instead

can be what helps you get there. Be the guiding light in a world that turned dark when your sun, your love, no longer shined. Mine is the heartbreak of many but there's plenty of love left still.

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