You're Wrong About Me
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sydneybrown let's go on a trip down memory lane.
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A little ode to someone who really annoyed me today.

You're Wrong About Me

by sydneybrown

You called me fragile today.

I don't know why I was surprised to hear that from you.

You, the one I've spoken to about countless migraines,

The one I've told about the missing remnants of my soul,

The one I showed the silent nights with screaming voices to,

The one who's seen the invisible ink covering me with him,

The one who has been with me through so many years.

I suppose I get it.

Compared to you, I am a piece of glass.

A puff of wind blows me over like the first pig's house.

I tremble with the weight of thousands of sins constantly.

I struggle to do many physically demanding objectives.

It's true.

But every time I shattered, I pieced myself back together.

I still have faced him every day without tears in my eyes.

I figured out a way to breathe while I was drowning.

I hiked up the mountain just the same as you.

I hiked the ten after that one too.

I don't know a whole lot,

But I feel like that should count for something.

So yes, I may be fragile,

But I don't think that means I'm not strong.

I don't think that breaking easily means I'm not brave.

I think I am brave.

Maybe even more than you.

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