Why Cam Newton Will Be a Champion
Why Cam Newton Will Be a Champion stories
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sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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Cam Newton is a quarterback unlike any other.

Why Cam Newton Will Be a Champion

by sydney

What amazes me most about Cam is his confidence

He's cocky. He's bold. He'll take on legends and not even flinch. He has a great way of bouncing back from any mistakes.

He is fast and fearless

His confidence allows him to run the ball unlike any other quarterback. It allows him to jump athletically as if he was defying gravity. He is fit and fast.

He has a ton of fun on the field

He's smiling, laughing, dancing. Most quarterbacks are much more reserved. Very focused. Newton looks like he's having a blast and it frustrates his defenders.

He is intimidating for every defense. Run? Throw?

The man is scary.

He's only 26.

Newton will become a champion.

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